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support issues and application problems

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Fisrstly I would like to express problems I had gettign support, which were very annoying! Secondly I would like to express problems I have with the application Kaspersky Internet Security 2010



Getting support is VERY difficult. The knowledge base and fast track cannot address special issues. In the web-site (and even worse) in teh application itself there is no way of getting through to a technical department other than phone.


A month ago (Dec 14, 2009) I sent a message to element5, as proposed by Kaspersky web-site. They said they could not locate my order so I gave them details. They still could not locate it and I replied also by attaching the invoice. They still could not locate it and directed me to this site:



unfortunately I do NOT speak German.


For a support to be proper there needs to be immediate response (48 hours max) from tech department and not some other 3rd party company. When paying for subscription, we need proper support. Forums is a slow and unconvininent way: I need to keep in mind to check again and again until someone replies...


B. Application problems

There are several problems I am facing with internet security version



1. I had blocked network access of an application with the firewall.

allthough all access was blocked, the application accessed the Internet

thus creating a very serious problem. this is UNACCEPTABLE!!! and shows

that kaspersky is not trustworthy anymore ?!?

In what other ways Kaspersky is not protecting my system anymore?


2. There are severe system delays when loading programs, that were not

present with 2009 version


3. In 2010 there is no indication about network activity (upload and

download speed) as it used to be the case with 2009. Also, there should be

indication about which application is accessing the network at the particular moment.

It would be helpful to have upload-download speeds, as well.


4. In Settings > Firewall > Settings, there seems to be no way to

present the application list in alphabetical order.


I have purchased 3 keys for 2 years and I begin to regret it. I expect an explanation about problem 1 and I am awaiting to see how Kaspersky will solve the other problems related to 2010 version and support issues.



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