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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 for Windows Workstations

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New version 5.0.522 Maintenance Pack 4 and new Kaspersky Administration Kit 5

(version 5.0.1149) is out!!



Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 for Windows Workstations


Version 5.0.522 Maintenance Pack 4 Release date: 01.03.2006




1. The consumption of computer resources has been considerably reduced


2. Network attacks protection component and network invisibility mode support have been added


3. Interface for creating user-defined scan tasks has been simplified


4. Real-time protection mode configuration has been simplified


5. The algorithm of delayed objects processing in the on-demand scan mode (Treat Infected Files) has been simplified and improved


6. The updating mechanism has been enhanced


7. Network search mechanism has been added


8. The feature of authorization data prompt in case of an authorization error has been added


9. The ability to edit the list of updates servers and to configure the updating process has been added


10. The feature of exceptions configuration by object name, verdict and by components that use this objects has been added


11. The feature of displaying the list of threats detected by the anti-virus database has been implemented


12. Ability to select new objects for scanning has been added: disk boot sectors


13. Ability to temporarily disable real-time protection for a specified time or until a specified event occurs (application restart, obtaining connection to the network) has been added


14. Ability to perform updates from the updates folder with incomplete structure has been added


15. Support of diff files has been added allowing to decrease the size of updates being downloaded


16. Common storage facility for infected objects (GTIF) has been implemented


17. Application password protection mechanism has been modified


18. Application modules updates installation facility has been modified


19. Support for disinfection and deletion of malicious objects in ICE and LHA archives has been implemented


20. Algorithm for working with quarantine has been modified (support for parallel work with the storage, quarantine scan is now a separate task having its own report)


21. An ability to copy lines from the report into the clipboard has been added


22. Updates downloading dialog box has been modified (display of extended statistical data, when an error occurs, detailed information about this error will be displayed)


23. The set of additional application settings has been extended


24. Kaspersky Anti-Virus operation recovery system after errors has been added


25. Behavior of kav.exe in case of a failure in the service process has been modified


26. Ability to configure scan performed at the operating system startup has been added. The on-demand scan settings now additionally include the ability to configure exclusions from the scope of the operating system startup scan (disk boot sectors, system memory and startup objects can be excluded)


27. Setting “Pause anti-virus scan when the system load exceeds” has been added


28. Setting “Do not launch scheduled scan if the battery charge is below” has been moved from the task schedule settings to the additional application settings. Now this setting is common for all tasks


29. Ability for the user to confirm the launch of a scheduled task has been implemented (as was done earlier for the updating task). The launch of the task can be delayed in the corresponding dialog box. The task will be launched automatically in 3 minutes if no option has been selected


30. If you need to reload IDS (new network attacks database or enabling/disabling protection against network attacks) the corresponding information containing the link to be followed in order to reload IDS will be displayed in the real-time protection status


31. Ability has been added to use the environment variables when specifying the scan paths, exclusions, trusted processes, folders in the settings of the updating process, quarantine and backup storage


32. Memory consumption by the Microsoft Internet Explorer during scripts scan has been reduced


33. The sound scheme has changed. Event “Task completion” has been removed, events “Launching on-demand objects scan task”, “Launching scheduled objects scan task”, “Completing objects scan task”, “Error performing objects scan task”, “Launching on-demand update task”, “Launching scheduled update task”, “Completing update task”, “Error performing update task”, “Launching real-time protection task”, “Completing real-time protection task”, “Error performing real-time protection task”, “Network attack detected” have been added


34. Ability has been added to exclude file activities of some software processes specified by the user from the scan scope


35. The on-demand scan task configuration dialog box has been enhanced


36. The following task has been added to the tasks list: "Critical areas scan"


37. Ability to disable the disk boot sectors scan. Previous version did not allow disabling the scan of disk boot sectors when the user selected the "My computer" object or a specific drive (this action particularly did not allow disabling the scan of disk boot sectors in the full computer scan task)


38. Objects placed into the quarantine and the backup storage are now displayed in the Protection tab


39. MSI installer for installing Kaspersky Anti-Virus through the Active Directory has been implemented


40. Setting "Display notifications when a dangerous object is detected" has been added. If this option is activated, the user will be notified about detection of dangerous objects during the execution of on-demand scan tasks (for actions "Perform the recommended action", "Delete objects", "Report only"), real-time protection tasks (for actions "Perform the recommended action", "Block access and delete object", "Block access only"), mail scan tasks (always), scripts monitoring tasks (for actions "Block script execution", "Allow script execution")


41. The "Do not show administrator's tasks" option has been added. If this option is enabled, administrator's tasks will not be displayed on the Protection tab, in the task list and in the application shortcut menu. This setting is configured using the application administration plugin via Kaspersky Administration Kit


42. The "An object infected with a virus detected" event for real-time protection and scripts monitoring tasks now displays the name of the last user that accessed this object




Known problems:


1. For correct management of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations using Kaspersky Administration Kit you are required to have Kaspersky Administration Kit version 5.0.1149 (Critical Fix 5) or later installed.


2. Anti-virus database update rollback option becomes possible only after the anti-virus database is updated twice


3. Incompatibility with OpenVPN


4. Incompatibility of WKS MP4 with version 1.1.50 of Kaspersky Anti-Spam Personal (release Kaspersky Personal Security Suite version 1.1.53)


5. When the option "Automatically detect the proxy server settings" is checked, user name and password, saved in Microsoft Internet Explorer for authorization on a proxy-server, are not used







Critical Fix 5 package of updates for application Kaspersky Administration Kit 5

(version 5.0.1149)





Critical Fix 5 package of updates for application Kaspersky Administration Kit 5

extends the functionality of the application and fixes errors detected in

version 5.0.1104 (Maintenance Pack 3).


The following procedure is recommended for updating the application:


1) Carefully read this document and determine whether you need this service pack.


2) Using the klbackup.exe utility create a backup copy of the Administration

Server data. Note that in order to be able to fully restore the Administration

Server data you have to save the Server's certificate. Starting from Service

Pack 3 the klbackup utility can use saved data of the previous versions of the

Administration Server.


3) Run the Kaspersky Administration Kit 5.0 installer on the computer on which

the Administration Server is installed and update the current version of the

Administration Server. Backward compatibility is supported between the newer

and the older versions of the Administration Server. All data of the older

(current) version of the Administration Server will be saved during the

update to the new version.


4) Create a group or a global task for installing the Network Agent 5.0.1149 on

the computers within the network. Run this task manually or according to the

schedule. After this task is successfully completed the current version of the

Network Agent will be updated on the client computers.



What's new in version 5.0.1149 compared with version 5.0.1104


New functionality:


1) Kaspersky Security 5.5 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 application

administration support has been added. The application administration plugin

is available in the English and Russian locales of the Kaspersky Administration

Kit application.


2) New report type "Report about network attacks" has been added. To receive

the data for the report, application Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 for for Windows

Workstations 5.0.522 (MP4) is required.


3) Information about the type of malicious code has been added to the reports.


4) An ability to add a password for the removal has been added to the a

pplication removal task.


5) Reports generation speed has been optimized for generation of aggregated

reports for the hierarchy of the administration servers.


6) The support for Japanese and Korean updates servers has been added for the

task of receiving the administration server updates.


Fixed errors:


1) Problem with sending notifications by e-mail when working with some types

of SMTP servers has been fixed.


2) Error in the deployment (remote installation) subsystem that in some cases

caused the Administration Server to stop functioning has been fixed.


3) Error of obsolete events deletion has been fixed. This error could cause

accumulation of obsolete events in the database used by the Administration Server.


4) Error related to the display of information about backup license key in the

license reports has been fixed.


5) Error related to the Administration Server service failure in case of corruption

of the deployment task configuration file has been fixed.


6) Error of determination of the DNS names for proxy servers used in the

Administration Server update task has been fixed.


7) Error that occurred during a report generation if the database contained a task

that completed in an error and that had description longer than 900 characters

has been fixed.


8) Error that sometimes made it impossible to establish a connection to a remote c

omputer if the option of traffic compression in the network agent policy is

available has been fixed.


9) Certificate generation error during the administration server installation

has been fixed.


10) Display of error reports that became illegible if contained information about a

large number of various events related to errors of tasks completion has been fixed.


11) Error in algorithm used for determining the rights of the current user

has been fixed (the rights of the user are determined by summing up the rights of

all groups into which this user is included).


12) Error of the of computers statuses settings restoration after the upgrade

of the administration server has been fixed.


13) Error of connection to the remote administration server if group

BUILDIN\Administrators was excluded from the access rights to the slave administration

server has been fixed.


14) The procedure of creation of the original list of rights of access to the

administration server has been modified. Error, occurring when creating the

list of access rights, made it impossible to connect to the administration server

after the installation or the update of the administration server.


15) Unnecessary messages in Event Log "db error: "Database error: code = 615,

message='Unspecified error', description='Could not find database table ID 2,

name 'tempdb'" have been removed. These messages occurred when, during loading

of the operating system, the administration server initialized before the MS SQL

server service.


16) For computers with installed network agent the main console window may not

contain information about the OS version (if it could not be obtained by scanning

the network), although this information can be obtained through the

network agent.


17) Wrong usage of NTLM authorization instead of the basic one has been fixed for

the task of receiving administration server updates.

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Concerning the problems about freezes during manual scan of Maintenance Pack 4 (Personal and Personal PRO), I'm affraid this problem exists in Workstation MP4 (?)


Moreover, Kaspersky Lab is working on a new build 5.0.523 (see this topic).


Is it advised to install MP4 for Windows Workstations now? I think it will be better to wait the fix about this problem.

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Looks like they've pulled 5.0.522 from the downloads page for now?



Upss, all my workstations have new versions 5.0522 (KAV for Windows Workstations).

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The new build of Administration Kit 5.0.1149 run fine.


The problem is, in my opinion, with KAV Workstation 5.0.522 MP4. As a new build was released yesterday (5.0.523), I would like to know if Kaspersky Lab advice to install this MP4 over 5.0.225, or wait for the fix?

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Things seem to be going from bad to worse at Kaspersky. I have downloaded and installed the latest adminkit (5.0.1149). I have pushed the new agent to my workstations and all hell has broken out!


Workstations are shown as not having protection running, I cannot start or stop KAV application. When I check locally on the workstation it IS running.


I get error messages when I try to synchronize saying that the machine is unavailable on the network, yet I can remote desktop to it, I can ping it and I can manage it remotely.


The misinformation is worse than it not working at all. I waste time that I haven't got trying to fix something that's NOT broken.


The whole thing is POOR, POOR POOR!!!! Can I suggest that Kaspersky stop messing about with how it looks AND start concentrating on making it work!!!


I'm told Sophos is very good. Maybe it's time to defect.



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I get error messages when I try to synchronize saying that the machine is unavailable on the network, yet I can remote desktop to it, I can ping it and I can manage it remotely.

I was damn sick of that too. BUT now I'am quite happy.

You have to understand, that there is no connection to network agent even if you see workstation added in group screen.

The problem IS:

a) ssl certificate is wrong

B) admin kit server name in agent installation is incorrect.


When you configure your installation, make sure you specify IP address, not dns/netbiosns name (even if kav reccomends that).

You can be sure for succesfull connection from network agent to admin kit, if you find in

c:\progra~1\kasper~1\networkagent\klserver.cer file. Than you would be abble to manage that workstation throught adminkit.

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Made absolutely no difference. Still all over the place, still misreporting workstation status. However, I've read another thread on the forum that says that version 5.0.523 of the workstation AV is due on Monday. Maybe it can talk to this version of the agent better. I'll wait till then.



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Made absolutely no difference.  Still all over the place, still misreporting workstation status.  However, I've read another thread on the forum that says that version 5.0.523 of the workstation AV is due on Monday.  Maybe it can talk to this version of the agent better.  I'll wait till then.





Monday? Today is Tuesday, where is new version? :unsure:

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Monday? Today is Wednesdy - where is new Version?

Some Clients in my network now running on 522 and some on 228. I dont know - should i resume to install 522 or whait for the fix?

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Are you not finding that any clients with 522 on it now report that they have no Antivirus application installed to the Admin Kit?

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