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Can I get an update on CD?

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Hi all, my first post here!


I installed my LK internet security version8.0.0.307 last week, and was surprised to find that the databases were eight months out of date!


I have tried to do an on line up date several times, but I can only use a dial-up connection, that my ISP cuts off after two hours, by which time I have got about 32MB downloaded. Of course then I loose the lot and have to start again. With the same result. Now I am being told that "the databases are corrupted, update now", and protection switches itself off completely!

Support suggested an alternative server for the update, but it was exactly the same size and speed, and result.

Can I get this initial large update on a CD from anywhere?


Any other suggestions gratefully received!


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I know the first time i renewed online a couple years ago kaspersky would give you the option of them shipping you a cd for a small price to pay more for that CD You may want to contact support to see if they still do offer that option I know you dont need to renew but just to get the CD dince your slow connection speed . or call the number i have one also that I printed from renewing from email they sent me as far as phone number if you need a number its not 24 hour support but regular business hours theone i got also US number only i think otherwise support from online would be a way to contact to see if they still do

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