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  1. Hello all, I see you now have patch D out, is patch D the one that allows installation on Windows 8.1, if so is there an intergrated installer out there i can download? I have tried downloading the newest files to install however im still unable to install Pure 3 on Windows 8.1, the same issue persists as before. Please advise. Just for the sake of not having rich ask me for it http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...d1628a929b813a1
  2. Going to attempt another uninstall and reinstall, i may have missed somthing.... not sure how i could have missing somthing uninstalling. but im going to run CCleaner before reinstalling and clean the reg
  3. Rich, that did not work, im really getting frustrated with this. i don't understand why KIS is doing this. one of the biggest selling points of KIS was of its low system footprint! now with AVP eating all of my CPU cycles its bring my system to a crawl every 10, 15 mins! The only way i can fix this is by pausing KIS indefinitely. i know im not the only one who has complained about this. there has to be something or someone who is looking into this, right?
  4. Hello there, I have KIS 2012 just recently installed few months ago. I just noticed that Google music is spitting out errors saying KAV is blocking it. I checked my firewall rules and application control and found no blocks to the program at all. Yet Google music still failed to upload 41 .flac files while KIS was running. I had to pause KIS to get GM to start uploading. and another thing... this is something that has been persistent thru the previous iterations of KIS that i have had. With the Blizzard launcher... it Times out when updating tools... only when KIS is active. i have to pause KIS then run the launcher and it patches, then i can un-pause kis. Its a nuisance and an annoyance currently. being that the only work around is to pause it. but i shouldn't have to... Why am i being forced to pause my protection. i know these are main stream applications that are and should be trusted from well known company's. what in KIS is blocking them? here is my Get system info
  5. oh and FYI to the OP, check your Hard drives you have a failing disk. you have Event ID 51 in your event log.
  6. This can't be normal, every 30 mins or so the AVP.exe process spikes its usuage to close to 85% and brings my system to a crawl i could be watching netflix or playing wow, doesn't matter. this never happened with any previous iterations of KIS. this just started after installing 2012 here is my get system info Get System info
  7. Sorry for not following the format, but i found out why it wasn't working and i have a fix for it. so the module that monitors applications was the culprit. i went into the settings and found the UltraVNC.exe listing. i went into the properties of that Rule. and went to the exclusion tab. i added all of the DO not exclusions, and now the desktop seems to be responding to all inputs from the remote computer.
  8. Anyone going to reply? anyways, update. Well im home, and remoted in using my laptop with the Desktop right infront of me, and the minute i do anything with kaspersky the main Gui. my laptops remote viewer appears frozen except for the mouse which only moves around on my laptop screen, it doesn't move around on the desktop. it seems like the desktop isn't responding to any remote mouse or keyboard inputs. The desktop however is in fine working order. sooooo. anyone?
  9. Update..... It Just froze again and all i had was outlook 2007 open. but before i disconnected, i noticed that it looked like the update was running. but this time around i can't reconnect, so something is happening but i have yet to figure it out. Also, both of these Vista OS's are SP1.
  10. Ok so situation is... I have Vista HP 32bit on my laptop, KIS 2009 version 8, 4g ram, intel core2 duo 2.6ghz I have Vista HP 64bit on my desktop, KIS 2010 Latest build, 4g ram, amd athon x2 dual core 2.4ghz I Use VNC on my laptop to remote into my desktop from work. connections work fine, so no firewall issues or connectivity issues like that. The main issue is that once im VNC'D in everything works fine, but the minute that i either right click the icon for kis in the sys tray or double click it, or use the single file scan from the right click drop down menu, everything freezes. I can't do anything except for disconnect the remote session. (Note: i have it set to lock the workstation soon as i disconnect from the Desktop) I can reconnect and log back in but as soon as i log back in, everything is frozen again. the only thing that isn't frozen is the mouse pointer, but if i point over anything it doesn't activate and it doesn't respond to any mouse clicks, or keyboard inputs. Its very weird. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Let me know if you need more info.
  11. i figured my problem out. Home Primium doesn't include terminal services. ergo. it doesn't allow RDP Connections. so im Screwed if i want to use RDP. so instead i decided to get a third party client.
  12. seems as if as soon as i installed 2010 i can no longer connect using MSTSC.exe which is Remote Desktop. i have played with the firewall settings as much as i can. i can't seem to figure it out. I am using Vista home premium 64bit on my desktop and im using Vista home premium 32bit on my laptop I have tried connecting at home thru my network. no luck anyone have any suggestions? Edit: Merged.
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