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  1. Ok it's work! Many thanks! Bye, Max
  2. Ok... on one pc I have this: "detected: riskware not-a-virus:RemoteAdmin.Win32.WinVNC.c file: C:\System Volume Information\_restore{159DC807-1BCF-4DD6-A919-A91FCE2A3C77}\RP172\A0045963.dll" Last week I uninstalled Ultravnc (anyway I set it on KAV to be escluded). Anyway I go on this client and I delete manually this file via KAV interface and now I have the green status on Admin Console. But why I cannot do this action via Administration Console? Thanks Bye, Max
  3. Hi this is not true: I click reset virus counter but the orange icon still remains with STATUS = Warning/Visible and STATUS DESCRIPTION = There are unprocessed objects If I go on the single pc and process the object manually the status return to OK/Visible with green icon Bye, Max PS: probably my KAV knowledge is poor but I cannot think that in a domain environment with an Administration Console I have to go physically on the client to reset this situation or to do others operations....
  4. The license key expires on 15 June 2010 but on some clients license will expire at the end of March! We'd like to have all clients with the same expiration date. First time we bought KAV licenses was in March 2006 for 2 years, then in 2008 we bought licenses for other 2 years so licenses should expire this March but for unknown reason my license key file will expire on June. So some new clients will expire in June, old clients in March. If I uninstall KAV and reinstall it on these clients may I have the same expiration date of the license key ? Thanks! Bye, Max
  5. Hi. I have a question about the licenses on our Kaspersky Business Security. Our license key should be expired at 12 June 2010 but when i look into the Objects tab in the license window, I notice that the expiration date is different on some clients.... why ? Thanks! Bye, Max
  6. Hi guys. How can I "reset" the condition of "unprocessed objects" I have on some clients on the Administration Kit (we have Business Security latest edition on both clients and server)? These objects are "false positive" and I'd like to reset the orange icon to have the green one. But how can I do this? Thanks! Bye, Max
  7. Hi guys. I'm updating about 20 computers with the new KAV for Windows Workstation MP4 ( via Admin Console 8 The installation process shuts down the LAN connection and then restarts it on each PCs, causing all the clients to be disconnected from our servers. Honestly this is quite strange because I probably have to install the updates when there are no users working on the PCs but in some cases this is not possible. Let me know please if there is a solution.... Many thanks! Bye, Max
  8. Salve a tutti. In azienda utilizziamo il software Kerio Mail Server (ultima versione), installato su un server Windows 2003. I client utilizzano Windows XP Professional SP3 ed alcuni Outlook 2003, altri Outlook 2007. Tutti stanno utilizzando KAV for Windows Workstation v6.0.2.690 e sul server abbiamo l'Administration KIT versione 6.0.1572. Poichè Kerio Mail Server non supporta attualmente KAV, vorrei sapere se qualcuno ha un'idea di quali possano essere i settaggi migliori (lato client) per controllare i messaggi di posta all'interno di Outlook, senza rallentare troppo il sistema. Attualmente utilizziamo il protocollo IMAP per collegare Outlook al Kerio Mail Server. Ho notato, facendo alcuni test, che disattivando l'antivirus, outlook è molto più rapido, anche passando da un messaggio all'altro. Attualmente, nei settaggi del KAV legati alla scansione delle emails, ho attivato solo l'opzione "ENABLE MICROSOFT OFFICE OUTLOOK AND THE BAT! Support" e non l'opzione "SCAN POP3/SMTP/IMAP/NNTP Traffic" e il controllo delle solo email in entrata. Sul server in cui risiede il Kerio Mail Server (e fisicamente i messaggi di posta) non è attivo alcun controllo, onde evitare problemi di compatibilità. Grazie! Saluti, Max
  9. I've just installed KAV6 Workstation and every time I open my Outlook 2007 I receive a message telling me that the .pst file was closed in wrong way and the system must check it.... If I remove KAV6 the problem disappear Bye, Max
  10. Ok! Sorry and thanks again Helmut!!! Bye, Max
  11. Sorry Helmut, what do you mean? Thanks Regards, Max
  12. Hi! In the Administration Console where can I see what virus definition update have the client/server pc? If I go into my group I can see only the list of pc in green and some information but no which virus definition or program update each of them has installed. Also if I go in the properties page of each pc (right click on it - properties) I cannot see any information (only the date and time of last update). I hope you can understand... my English is not so good Thanks! Regards, Max
  13. Hi again! I know it's a bad thing to disable backup but I only know if there is a way to to this I'd like to know also if I can restrict the restore by the user. Hope someone can help me Thanks! Bye, Max
  14. Hi! 1. Can I disable the backup file action when kav finds a virus? I'd like to let KAV to delete the infected file without perform a backup. 2. Can I block the user to restore any files from the backup section? Thanks! regards, Max
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