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  1. An update on the issue of Safe Money not working in Edge: Support confirmed the bug and reported that development is working on a fix. Bug Track Number: 2796933. No information if and when this will be fixed. Hope this helps. It seems that support is overall responsive and kind. Better than what you can read in some users feedback here.
  2. Personally never used Kaspersky spam filter, nowadays most if all spam are filtered very effectively by the mail providers (e.g Gmail and Microsoft) at source and the remaining by the mail reader (e.g. outlook). Strange that you are so heavily affected by spam mails. If you have issues with a non functional option in Kaspersky 2019 wouldn't' t be better to report directly to Kaspersky support so that it can be fixed rather than wasting your time at the user forum?
  3. Thanks a lot Berny @ for your perseverance , very much appreciated. Yes, it is already set at default as you suggest and I have indeed entered the website in edge browser directly. This was also recommended by support. Additionally, Safe Money may not work correctly with Edge if other Kaspersky products are running (e.g. Kaspersky Secure Connection). This is just in case someone else reading this thread is having problems with Safe Money while running Secure connection.
  4. Support acknowledge the misunderstanding about safe money support on version 2019 and requested traces to troubleshoot the issue. I will update this thread if I get any further news.
  5. Yeap, same version of KIS and Edge. SAFE MONEY only works very sporadically. Lets say 1 out 10. 9 time out 10 it open IE11 and Edge report that it could not open the page in protected browser. Testing with paypal. Couldn't find a pattern the times it is successful... BTW: Reported it to support. Not yet got an answer. EDIT: Got a response: Same as the previous post... KIS 2019 does not support Edge
  6. Thank you Berny @, I have reported it to support. I will feedback here if I manage to resolve the issue or get acknowledgment of an issue with Edge..
  7. I can also confirm that apparently development didn't yet managed to code safe money to work with MS. Edge even with version 2019. Lets cross fingers for the 2010 version
  8. For your information this is the official stand on Edge and Safe Money. In short, not yet compatible but its coming soon....
  9. ...and does it work for you? Do you get the protected Edge? I see that there is a sort of hit and miss. Some have it some don't. From the previous messages it seems that one user (Dave Harddrive ) can with KIS2018(d). I don't. The only difference in configuration seems the version of windows used. DaveHarddrive uses Windows 10 Build 15063.674 and I am using build 16299 (the latest). I will post the response from official support when I get it.
  10. Thanks for the feedback! Indeed I see the same screens as Wesly.Zhang, Windows is the latest build (Fall update): Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 Then I started like you with KIS (FTP...) but then removed to test other security software. Now it is a fresh install directly from patch D. All the rest is the same as you. I have wrote to support to see if they have more info. Possibly is something that latest version of windows 10 has created (?)
  11. I am on patch D, updated databases, default browser.... but still KIS opens IE instead of Edge.
  12. fax

    HEUR:Trojan.AndroidOS.MTK.f issue

    As this is an heuristic detection and considering no one else detect it, it may be a false positive. Please see here how to proceed: https://support.kaspersky.com/viruses/general/1870 You may need to report directly to kaspersky support: https://m.kaspersky.com/ so that the malware analyst can check it.
  13. Sorry, just copying the text from the link given by kojo+oi you could not access. I have no experience with the specific procedure. Fax
  14. MDM for iOS configuration For iOS MDM Mobile Device Server: Go to Start → Control Panel → Programs and Features. Select Kaspersky Security Center 10 Administration Server, and click Uninstall/Change. In the Change or Uninstall the application step, select Change. Select the Mobile devices support check box, and click Change. Wait for the installation to complete. Open the Administration Console. Go to Additional → Remote installation → Installation packages. Select iOS MDM mobile device server and click Install the application. Follow the steps of the installation wizard. Get and install an APN certificate.

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