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  1. I found out that there is a option that "bans" local tasks for updates or virus check. It is manageable under the services options on every group stategy.
  2. Here is my problem. I have programmed on several groups virus updates at 12'00. Many users complaned about how slow their computers got during this task so I decided to reprogram the task to 20'00. Despite the change, I see that clients are updating the viral base during the whole day, not only at 12'00 and 20'00 but also at hours I haven't planed. How can I desactivate all updates on clients. It causes network and application cuts.
  3. I created a batch file but it doesn't work. Are you sure it is the complete command?
  4. so what should I do? By the way the procedure describes in the following link didn't help, and I still get the message past in the previous post http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/ent-s...002031914291648
  5. The bat file calls the exe with parametre /detect. it only detects which antivirus and installed. Here is the result. How can I run deletion?
  6. Good afternoon! I have checked the topics in the forum but I couldn't find an answer. I am sure that you have the solution. I have some issues during the installation of the Kaspersky KOSS on 2 Desktop Workstations from the administration machine. Machine 1: An evaluation version was previsouly installted on the machine. We tried to install KOSS after uninstallation of the evaluation version. The process fail after 85 %, returning the error that we must reboot the computer. We have tried to reboot the machine several times but it didn't work. Machine 2: Symantec Cooporate Client 8 and Norton Cooporate Client were previously installed on this 2nd machine. We uninstalled those sotware first automatically then used utilties from the Symantec Website to remove all components and register keys, and finally went through a manual uninstallation. All those steps didn't help and we still get the message that those security clients are found to be active. I hope that you can bring me some ideas and advices. Thank you very much
  7. It works just fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THanks a lot
  8. I am waiting for the answer. My probleme is quite similar. Some PC crashes and the licence is lost. Isn't possible to free the licence of this particular PC from the list of current machine on AK? I am not able to uninstall the software from the PC through AK
  9. And how will you do that? How can one access the Kaspersky Database? Is it using the Microsoft SQL database server? Thank you
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