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  1. On a similar topic ... Thunderbird 5 does not have Kaspersky Anti-Spam no longer.... Will that be updated soon?!
  2. Hi, I sort of miss the option that I can turn my firewall to a strict setting - meaning that any contact outbound or inbound to my computer needs to be approved via pop-up. I agree it makes it easy if known applications do have their known settings, but I find it rather painful if I have to check them manually instead of getting the pop-ups. Can I change that? Thanks PS: on a side note, how can I stealth myself with the KIS firewall!?
  3. Guys, relax! I have been using KAV/KIS for a while now. I also participated in betas. However, I know the team works hard on making this a good program. Yes, I also am trying the trial version and I get some bugs and maybe there are some things missing or slapped together, BUT rest assured - it will be fixed/changed/re-designed if the team feels that it is necessary. Also, for most people that are crying for their money back and even threaten with lawyers : You as a Mac user should know that elitism has its price. Mac has been only been successful because of the support of its fans. Every now and then I see a bug and I report it right away. They always fix it! Kaspersky is the also following that road. Nothing is perfect and please give the team some credit for finally making a Mac version. It is not the same as in windows and we all need to learn a bit. Please, instead of being counterproductive and whining - support the team and ask for help here until things have been resolved! No need to sweat! Thanks!
  4. ich wette du hast die spooler datei geblockt in firewall....
  5. Indeed, KIS would be wise! Why want two programs if you can have both in 1 and from same company (no conflicts)??
  6. if you leave all in default (pretty darn safe) you should not even notice Kaspersky being present! However, registry guard does literally what it says and can cause short delays when you multitask like Napoleon....(whatever that means)
  7. only if you cranck up the settings to insanly high. keeping all in default mode is pretty damn good and it wont kill your cpu. however, did you restart since your last install of Kaspersky? Also check your msconfig under start/run and make sure that there is not a ton of programs running in the background that cause Kaspersky to work real hard, thus making your system seem slower.
  8. hum, i honestly dont know what to say about that review?! all i can tell you is that if you have any sort of a newer processor that you will be fine. That review must have been on some ancient computer because I do not see where the overall performance would slow down 73%. However, let me know what processor you are using and some general specs about your machine and then we can discuss that further. May I also suggest that trials are there to be used...go ahead and get the KIS trial and try it out with the registry guard on and see what happends...
  9. lol...some of you crack me up Kaspersky is not like Norton where it is made so that every noob on earth understands how to work it- no, it is made for advanced users and therefor "nags" as you put at every little thing. mainly because you told it to do so!!! As once a old wise man said: the computer is only as dumb as the user is. Amen!
  10. wow, where did you get Kaspersky for $3.50 ? Anyway, you need to go to settings and add Outlook to you trusted applications, then make sure that all your anti-spam and email setting are set to default, and then check that your firewall is set to trainings mode. start outlook and allow whatever popups from K ask for in regards of Outlook. Let us know
  11. i assume you did a selected install? As far as I know you would have to install it again, but this time do the comlpete installation. Most likely you can go add and remove, then hit remove on Kaspersky and then you should get an option on fixing besides uninstalling. Let us know if that worked or not - other than that I suggest a clean uninstall and then install the latest version again.
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