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  1. Hi, Yes you can upgrade kaspersky administration kit 6.0.1572 to 6.0.1591. 1- Re-install Kaspersky Administration Kit 6.0.1572 2- Restore the backup 3- Install Kaspersky Administration Kit 6.0.1591 on top of current version. Good luck. Regards, lolipok
  2. Hi, You can set the update to manually. Go to Setting --> Update --> Run mode set to manually. Regards, lolipok
  3. Hi, 1- What OS are you using? 2- Have you install MSDE before install Kaspersky Administration Kit? Regards, lolipok
  4. Hi, Can you show the task screenshot of the error? Regards, lolipok
  5. Hi, Did you set the user and password correctly on the deployment task? Wrong username and password can cause the deployment failed. One more thing, please uncheck "Use simple file sharing" in windows explorer properties. On the winxp computer, simply go to Tools --> Folder Options --> View tab, and uncheck the Use simple file sharing, click apply and OK. This would be one of the reason you cant push install network agent or anti-virus from adminkit to computer. Hope this will help. Regards, lolipok
  6. Hi, You got mail. regards, lolipok
  7. Hi, You got PM Regards, lolipok
  8. Hi, Do you have kaspersky administration kit backup ? If yes, copy the backup file to the new disk (place it same place as in old disk, example : C:\Program Files\myadminbckup), install fresh kaspersky administration kit on the new hard disk and restore the backup. All the computers that connected to the old disk will connected back to the server. If not, the only way is, install kaspersky administration kit and push install network agent to all the computers. Make sure the server using same IP address as before. Hope this will help. Regards, lolipok
  9. Hi, You can install the latest version on top of the old one. It will automatically remove the old version. Regards, lolipok
  10. Hi, Try check in Settings --> Service --> Enable Notification Regards, lolipok
  11. Hi, Try see here : http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=193239335 Maybe this will help. Regards, lolipok
  12. Hi, Sorry, forgot to mention about the OS. Both pc using WinXP SP1. Some other pc's also using WinXP SP1 but got no problem. Regards, lolipok
  13. Hi, I've got a problem regarding to kaspersky administration kit. The scan task under group task is set to do scanning every Friday. All task run completely except for 2 client. It show pending, but when I go to the computer, the scanning had already completed. Before this, those 2 client have problem with network agent but had been solved (due to administration right). Are there something wrong with the adminkit or network agent? Version : Kaspersky Administration Kit 6.0.1591 Kaspersky Network Agent 6.0.1591 Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstation Please help me with this problem. Thank you. Regards, lolipok
  14. Hi, See here : http://support.kaspersky.com/kolt/?eid=207693995 Regards, lolipok
  15. Hi, Try use the cleaner tool that I've attached. Unzip the file. Run adetect.cmd file. It will detect and clean other anti-virus. Maybe this will help. Regards, lolipok Cleaner27112006.rar
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