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  1. i have a question and didnt feel like making a new thread about it... if im using a router with nat firewall, do you guys still recommend a soft as well? and why... thanks
  2. I do not advise trying to have or run 2 a/v software simultaneously. This can cause severe problems with your machine and cause it to be unstable. I recommend using KIS 6 and uninstalling nod32. Although nod32 is a great a/v, it's not as strong in detection, removal, or protection from ugly worm infections that try to cripple a/v sofware. KIS 6 is a perfect solution. Although still in beta stages, KIS 6 still offers superb protection in all areas as it nears final production. But don't take my word for it, wait for more replies here.
  3. Mine is listening on port 1930.... but what is the reason for this? remote connection?
  4. I have done everything you suggested. The sfc process had to be cancelled due to me having the wrong cd. It asked for win xp pro cd2(which i dont have, or know where to get). Im about to install KAV5 and hope everything will work. update: installed, updated, and in the process of full scan(so far so good)!!!!
  5. Ok, thank you.... im now waiting for sfc to finish and i will keep you posted. You have been most helpful
  6. well i was able to find a win xp cd with sp1 on it, do you think this will affect anything with sfc.exe considering that this pc was shipped with xp media center + sp2 installed at factory ?
  7. only problem with this is that my pc didnt come with a win cd, the restore image is burned into the hd
  8. Now that everything is uninstalled and the pc is AV-less, i just got another blue screen trying to access the web. So im not sure what is causing it but it didnt start until i tried to switch from nod32 to kav 6. ( Any ideas how to single out whats causing this or how to fix? Also, the bsod that kav6 caused was with klif.sys i believe. Since then bluescreen doesnt say whats causing.
  9. Hello Don, Well i found a thread on these forums that shows steps on how to remove previous AV software and previous versions of KAV by using kavrem_registry.exe, and regsupreme. That's all i meant. And i tried these steps after regular uninstall and regular install of kav failed. Also when it reboots, it doesnt immediately goto BSOD, it usually completely boots up all startup programs then im assuming during startup scan, it fails or causes something in windows to fail. Any ideas?
  10. I've tried to install the latest build of 6.0 and rebooted to get BSOD. I uninstalled in safemode and reinstalled nod32. After further reading these forums I found procedures how to safely remove other AV and correctly install KAV. So I gave it another show and this time tried installed version 5, buil 388. I got the same BSOD when i reboot. Please help me, I have used KAV in the past and have never had this much difficulties with it or have never gotten BSOD from KAV for that matter either. Using Win Xp Media Edtion shipped with sp2. No soft firewalls installed. 3.2gh 1gb ram.
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