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  1. Just for info but as the HOSTS file has been nothing but comments for the last few versions of Windows it is not actually needed unless you want to put custom entries in it.
  2. Plus the above replies, If you have the Professional version of Windows 10 I have had good luck with disabling Defender through Group Policy. Here are some options for disabling it either that way or by other means if you do not have Professional: http://www.ghacks.net/2015/10/25/how-to-di...10-permanently/
  3. If by latest version you mean the beta then it is not uncommon for antivirus software to detect the betas as unknown. I usually just ignore the warning or exclude it, but that is my personal preference.
  4. Also, That's only if that works for you. I have been unable to get rid of it. When I first reinstall it is gone but comes back within 5 seconds of opening the UI.
  5. I've already posted about Kaspersky being disabled in another thread, so it is not just you there. Safe Money? I don't use it. I would think if you use a browser that supports it that it should work, especially Firefox or Chrome, as they have not changed with this update. I'm not sure how or if the OS comes into play.
  6. KIS 2016 ran fine for the rest of yesterday, but today is having random issues with SSL sites not working and the firewall reported as being off. It probably needs some work for this update, so I am going to go without it until the next patch.
  7. I reinstalled, and it seems to work ok today. The only complaint I have now is the huge red "Renew Now!" button on the main screen. Entirely a cosmetic issue, but with 326 days left on my license I don't think I should be seeing it.
  8. Thank you. That was the answer I was looking for. That said, I installed KIS 2016 on a different machine with the same Windows build (updated today) and it seemed to be fine, so I guess I have another problem I need to be looking into. I guess I will try to reinstall it again, even though I had removed all security software before the update on the first machine and the installed it back. I had removed everything but the license data. I guess I'll see how it goes.
  9. According to this is is available worldwide: http://winsupersite.com/windows-10/novembe...indows-10-users In any case, it does not matter, I can install something that works. I just thought I would let someone know in case something needed to be done. Thanks for your time.
  10. Are Kaspersky's products compatible with this Windows 10 update? I installed it on a test copy yesterday and it was being reported by Windows as turned off. Updating, rebooting, etc. did nothing to change this. Not sure if it was fully functional or not. It had worked fine on the previous version of Windows 10. I'm sure AV vendors are hating these updates.
  11. I use Group Policy to disable Windows Defender. Instructions can be found here: If you do this and don't have third party security software you will have nothing, so keep that in mind if you choose to do this.
  12. I have also had problems with the keyboard since upgrading to Windows 10/KIS 2016. After seeing this I have uninstalled and it seems fine now but it is too soon to be sure. I'm using a Logitech keyboard if that matters. Thought I should post this to verify that it does not seem to be an isolated incident.
  13. Just what I was going to say. I always disable the Fast Shutdown on Windows 8. Otherwise you are just hibernating it when you "shut down". I have seen other Security Suites that fail to work at all with that setting as default.
  14. I would think adding the port would make the problem worse, since you are now monitoring that port and maybe wasn't before. If you temporarily disable the Firewall, does the problem go away? If so you can troubleshoot the firewall more. If not you have some other problem.
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