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  1. 1) Uninstalled KIS 2) Rebooted pc (Windows XP SP2, with up to date(june) patches) 3) Installed KIS 4) Rebooted pc again 5) All seemed well (update, scan, modified some settings) 6) Found out I couldn't access workgroup 7) Spend about 3 days figuring out why - disabled windows firewall - disabled KIS firewall - set zone to trusted after enabling KIS firewall - shutted down KIS - rebooted pc - enabled windows firewall - disabled Pro-Active Defense - enabled Pro-Active Defense - saw NDIS filter in list properties LAN and disabled - able to access workgroup and shared docs - uninstalled NDIS filter - rebooted pc - installed NDIS filter - rebooted pc - again no access to workgroup and shared docs - disabled NDIS filter - again able to access workgroup and shared docs 8) Working with NDIS filter disabled Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_qfe.070227-2300) Memory: 1536MB RAM Page File: 751MB used, 2681MB available LAN1: Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Controller LAN2: NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller Both LAN are onboard and bridged Do you need more info???
  2. Even when set to trusted the access is denied when NDIS filter is enabled.. How can I do that?
  3. After installing KIS I couldn't access my workgroup anymore, I found out that the Kaspersky Anti-Virus NDIS Filter was causing this. When disabled I am able to access the workgroup, when enabled the access is again denied. - reinstalling the Filter, didn't work - disabling the firewall(Kaspersky and Windows) didn't work - disabling pro-active defense didn't work Why can't I access my workgroup with the filter enabled?
  4. I had no problem updating KAV for the first time. Installing, updating and scanning for the first time completed without any problems.
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