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  1. I know what you mean. I'm in the same boat. Even though you quoted me, it looks like I was telling people how to temp fix, and send a GSI report. Mods on this forum have a bad habit of editing peoples posts, instead of properly replied to them.
  2. Please see the above quote, and please reply to the content on the quote. Thought I'm going crazy. I'm getting the same exact thing, KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Classpnp.sys... and after the BSOD restart Kasperksy is asking me to send in the log data. This is an issue I read here that others are having with kaspkersy: https://www.tenforums.com/bsod-crashes-debugging/99421-bsod-kmode_exception_not_handled-classpnp-sys.html
  3. no solution yet, been trying myself to fix this for months. Unless I completely uninstall KIS, iPhone will not get detected by itunes. So WTF does KIS install that it screws up my itunes and iphone? I'm really pissed off, Helpdesk is not replying back, no on in the forums is really helping. I've been a customer for over 10 years, and I'm at the point that I'm about to ask for my money back. I'm going to go with a competitor. I hate the iphone and itunes, and will get a windows phone when its out... but because Kaspersky is not helping me, its the reason i'm thinking of getting my money back... Just now, I've been sitting here for over 1 hour trying to get my iphone to connect to itunes.
  4. anyone know how helpdesk works? cuz I replied back to them about my case, and they haven't replied back since Aug 23rd. I have a case number, but I didnt create a My Kaspersky Account. Which I'm guessing its used for helpdesk too. They need to merge all accounts into 1. I have a forums account, My Kaspersky Account, and the one that I purchased KIS with.
  5. Thats just because SpeedStep is disabled on my i930. If I enable it, it goes away. People say it could be some bug with intell. I'm not overclocking, soo... I did send help to helpdesk, but all they did so far, is tell me to visit the forums, and gave me a link to their support FAQs, and also post the getsysteminfo, after I clearly gave them the getsysteminfo, and told them I already visited and searched all over for help. I'm still waiting for their second reply.
  6. well, I went through many google and apple help suggestions, nothing works. But like I said, I have to uninstall KIS for itunes to detect my iphone, pausing/disabling KIS does not work, not even completely ending task. I have to do a full uninstall of KIS to work. Strange.
  7. emm, its installed, getsysteminfo didnt pick it up... its the first thing i installed after the OS. look under processe/service/drivers
  8. First off, I searched the forums to find a solution, even google, nothing helped so far. I only realised that its KIS, 2010 or 2011, thats causing me iTunes problems with my iPhone, after trying for months to fix the problem. The problem is, itunes will not detect my iphone, unless I unplug, replug it and after about 30 tries, it detects it. Whats unique about my problem, is that if I uninstall KIS, my iphone gets detected every single time, but if I only disable KIS, my iphone does not get detected at all. I have to do a complete KIS uninstall for my iphone to get detected in itunes. But on the other side, windows detects my iphone every single time, whith KIS installed and running. So, my question is, what system files or what does KIS change when its being installed and running, and also, when its not running. I got so frustrated, that I formated my OS today, and now I'm running a clean Win7 x64 Ultimate, with nothing else installed, not even drivers, just what windows installs, except for itunes, KIS2011, and acronis true image(did not have acronis installed before, when I tried to fix this problem), to make a clean windows image backup. Also, I added everything from apple to trusted zone, with all the options checked marked, didn't do anything, not even after restart. Strange thing is, my iphone works on my laptop with a clean Win7 x64 pro, that I just formated yesterday too, and it works with KIS2011 installed, but my PC does not. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...cc23483f07bcfdc
  9. well, im bumping this back up, because I just got another one today, with the Password Manager app. Same type of links... and as like most of you, I wonder the same thing, is it just us kav users, or others as well.
  10. well, i opened a new thread about this also, didn't see this one at the time, but I wonder the same thing... how did these scammers get our email addresses? I'm keep my email as safe as possible, and I understand its impossible to keep it 100% protected, but still. If its only Kaspersky customers, then something is wrong there.
  11. well it looks too legit to think it is... it points to this: DONT CLICK ON IT IF YOU DONT TRUST IT http://americas.kasperskylabs.com/HS?a=DNX...hrnGHxKR93ODg6W , which takes you to digitalriver, and that site looks legit too. How can I tell in this situation?
  12. Anyone received an email form Kaspersky with the title "Your Internet Security has expired- Renew to stay protected" but still have years left before your license expires? I just received one today, but i have license for 3 years, and not even the first year has past yet, still have 2 and a half years left.. Whats up with that? Since when are they using this scheme to advertise, or even advertise at all, to customers? Email detail below: from Kaspersky Lab <news@americas.kasperskylabs.com> reply-to securemail@reply.kasperskyusa.com to Me <my email> date Mon, May 3, 2010 at 9:49 AM subject Your Internet Security has expired - Renew to stay protected mailed-by americas.kasperskylabs.com signed-by americas.kasperskylabs.com
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