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  1. The problem turned out to be that the workstation application wan not downloaded to the server and an install package for it created. Once that was done it went great from there. One small concern. One of my workstations that was working just fine all of a sudden decided that it would not update the av database. When you run the task you just get an 'error' with no details provided. I uninstalled and re-installed and it is ok for now. I am running the latest version 5.0.227 and 5.0.1104 for the network agent.
  2. Hi all, I am really impressed with the KV product but have a comment/question. Why do workstations that are running KV and are set to full scan weekly show up as critical (red) when only a couple of days have passed without a full scan? I don't see any way to set the perameters for what consititutes critical. However it seems to me since the default workstation install is to set to scan weekly this should not show a critical status until after the week (friday at 8pm) that it is set for! Since other issues can lead to the status of a workstation being red you have to go in and see why each one are red and there really isn't any reason to have to do this because of the full scan. Seems to me that since the KAV is covering all of the bases a weekly full scan is plenty soon. Thoughts? Ideas? info on how to set the flag on weekly scan so it won't be critical until after the normal full scan cycle? Thanks, Stan
  3. I am evaluating KAV 5.0 for windows file servers and workstations. I installed the administration kit on a windows 2003 server and it seems to be working fine. When I look at the domain, the server hosting the admin kit shows the server as green and ok/visible. It also identified all of the client workstations in the domain. They are all windows 2000 clients. I removed all but one client from the domain list, and created a task to deploy the product which is says that it completed ok. On the workstation I find that the directory was created and the task is running. However, on the admin console on the server it shows that it is critical and the protection tab shows anti-virus application was not installed. Also very strange but I have enabled email notification and provided the account name and smtp server address but the test doesn't work and I don't receive any emails from any of the events. Outlook Express is able to send an email using the same parameters on the server just fine. In other words the mail server is available to the server. I also notice that the status on the tasks doesn't seem to be reflective of the current status. I have been reading the KB's and help files but I can not figure out where to go next to get it working on the client workstation. Also a question: is there supposed to be some sort of application provided on the client so that you can see that KAV is running and up to date? The only thing I see on the client is that the Kerpersky network agent service is running. I called support but no one answered. I am trying to complete this install and get if working so that I can move forward with the purchase. I plan to install it on several servers and more of the workstations. Thanks for any help you can provide. Stan
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