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  1. Hi Dmitry, Can Kaspersky add a white and clear notification option to KISA as per the Android guidelines? https://developer.android.com/design/patter...ifications.html
  2. I can confirm that compatibility with "xposed framework" is now working
  3. Seems SMS phishing in Hangouts is still not working. See below
  4. Is kaspersky going to follow the Android guidelines on colourless notifications? https://developer.android.com/design/patter...ifications.html
  5. Just a quick question on the amount of DNS requests from Kaspersky IS 2013, this month I have been monitoring DNS requests using OpenDNS's website. I have noticed that Kaspersky is requesting a lot more than anything else (see below) dates range from 5/3/13 to 19/3/13 I'm not too bothered about this I just wanted to know if it was normal.
  6. So if I wasn't connected to the internet (which i was) how did KIS know "Less than 10" users had used the file?
  7. fdm.exe isn't signed at all but I shouldn't have got a warning about it not being signed if its Trusted "kaspersky Security Network" On one window it says "more than 100,000 user used this application" on the other it says "less than 10" Also it shouldn't be placed in low restricted either...right?
  8. I'm not really asking for any help I just thought I'd report this oddity, I executed Free download manager and got a warning saying it doesn't have a digital signature but it does, The picture explains what i thought was odd. 'KIS 2012 374 h' adamgibbo
  9. I think the word "Scan" should be replaced with something else perhaps "Next" or "Enter"
  10. @PuL I'm having trouble signing in to "My Kaspersky" It says "Error entering password please try again" I know it is the right password but I even used the password reset to make sure.
  11. Yeah apparently so but how can we test when the site isn't working properly? It's been a few days surely someone should of fixed it by now /Rant over
  12. Is anyone else getting IPS Driver Error?...It's getting annoying now
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