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  1. Thanks for pointing this out. Clearly, we need to be checking it more or perhaps just take it down. I guess there is some nostalgic value to it. Before KL opened their own and we redirected inquiries there, there were more than 70,000 posts in our ICE Systems forum. The location still stands a memorial to the all grass roots efforts that contributed to help Kaspersky establish itself as a worldwide force in security software.... We will keep a closer eye on it. If the relentless spam posts continue, we may decide to shut it off. - Mike
  2. if you uncheck the box "Store history on the server" will the other option become available? MM
  3. Not really - whenever you upgrade the KAV Wkst it requires a reboot of the workstation. You cannot just run the task to deploy the new version of the product during the middle of the production day and force users to reboot - some people just cannot do that. Besides a deployment of a few thousand workstation upgrades takes hours to perform, regardless of the network you are on. The fact is that upgrading large #'s of workstations and/or servers is NOT an easy task with or without the Admin Kit - which incidentally is changing versions almost daily. I agree with Dad_of_Maya - the way the product has been upgraded MULTIPLE times over the past 90 days or so borders on the ridiculous. I challenge anyone to find ANY software company that releases its products in the way that Kaspersky does. We will lose customers over these multiple new versions of the product being released. I hope Kaspersky gets it together. The product is the best - the way it is released is awful. Frustrated
  4. For the individual user the frequent upgrades are a small inconvenience, but for companies or school districts who use KAV Workstation the frequent upgrades are an administrative nightmare. MM
  5. All - What would be the easiest way to migrate an Admin Kit installation from a Windows XP wkst to a Windows 2003 server? Is there a way to do it such that the network agent does not have to be redeployed? Also, can the klbackup tool be used to backup the Admin Kit on XP and then restore on Win 2003 server? The doc was not clear on this. Thanks- Mike
  6. I believe that the SymNrt.exe tool is no longer able to be used... Norton got slick. Mike P.S. It's all good Don P. I was cranky this morning for some reason. You da man.
  7. You really should install the latest/greatest versions of these products. KAV Wkst 5.0.528 and KAV Admin Kit 5.0.1151. MM
  8. Yes Rick - and when you get the problem that I fielded calls on you can do what I suggested. ;-) Mike
  9. Don and crew, I have already fielded a few calls from users who after uninstalling KAV Personal 5.0.527 could not get the new install of KAV 6.0 (not KIS in these cases) to accept their existing license keys (the one that worked with v5). I have asked these users to uninstall KAV 6.0, reinstall v5 and then install KAV 6.0 over the top of KAV 5 - during the install process KAV 6.0 detects the existing key and applies it automatically w/o problems. Not sure what the problem is with the "clean" install, but this is what we are suggesting for now. Mike
  10. When does the scan actually start - a few minutes after 11 or several minutes/hours after 11. Is the system date set correctly on the pc? If you could send us the screen shot of the 'Schedule:My Computer' screen. Thanks! Mike
  11. Did you have the "Pause antivirus scan when system load exceeds .... %" enabled when you ran the scan? Your post implies that you did not... Mike
  12. Saso - Can you clarify what you mean by not working properly? One thing you try is to disable Real-Time scanning of network drives, enabled by default. Mike
  13. Sorry I don't quite understand your post - did you check the properties of the Groups folder or not?
  14. Here are the steps to follow to install Kaspersky for Novell in a cluster environment: 1. Install Snap-In for ConsoleOne or iKAV on a workstation. 2. Use C1 or iKAV to lead installation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Both utilities of management allow you to look through objects of type Cluster and volumes by cluster. 3. In cases when Kaspersky Anti-Virus is installed directly on a cluster volume, you should not change the autoexec.ncf. It is necessary to manually modify scripts of cluster volume to automatically load/unload the KAV modules: - in loading script please add : SEARCH ADD SYS:\KAV LOAD KAV.NLM - in unloading script please add : UNLOAD KAV.NLM 4. Replace existing kav600.jar snap-in in c:\novell\consoleone\1.2\snapins\mach with attached add physical volumes to scan scope of KAV.
  15. Customer is installing KAV Admin Kit on a Win2K SP4 server. Following the install option to start account as domain service using a domain admin user he gets the error: -1069 Service would not start due to login failure. The user has verified that the password is correct for the specified account and the user is a member of the AD KlAdmin group. We have looked at the properties of the Admin Server service and it good to go - set to start Automatic, Logon as a domain admin user account, etc. Any ideas? Mike
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