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  1. Dear all, please find the workaround and additional troubleshooting instructions in the first post.
  2. K-SNAFU let's make things clear. Do I understand correctly, that you are facing two issues now: 1. The additional issue that you are sorting out with Mefodys. An incident was submitted to technical support. The certificate error: invalid name of certificate. Either the name is not on the allowed list, or was excplicitly excluded. 2. The original issue of this thread. The certiciate error: Self-signed certificate. Are you getting the notifications when starting the Chrome browser like this one (mentioned by Jeff-22)? Did you try the suggested by Mefodys workaround: does it help to exclude the IP and port as per the instruction? If there is another issue you are experiencing, please submit a ticket to technical support.
  3. K-SNAFU to replicate the issue close and start again Chrome to get the certificate popup notification. The bug #3214641 is being worked on. Regarding the issue reproduction with no Chromecast, to identify whether this is the same issue or not, we will need traces.
  4. Hi, in in this case please send traces (turn on traces, restart Kaspersky product, reproduce the issue, stop tracing) to me or Mefodys via private message. Or submit a ticket to technical support + send us the ticket number via private message.
  5. Hey, please send me the incident number via private message.
  6. Hi, please submit a ticket to techsupport via my.kaspesky.com, include tracelogs, collected via this instruction: https://support.kaspersky.com/11455#block1 - enable tracing - restart PC - reproduce the issue with Outlook - submit traces to techsupport As a temporary workaround, you can disable scanning of Encrypted connections via Settings -> Additional -> Network -> tick "Do not scan encrypted connections".
  7. Hi, Can you please submit a ticket to technical support via my.kaspersky.com and pm me the ticket number? Attach a GSI report to your ticket. Thank you.
  8. Please submit a ticket to technical support and include a GSI report along with it. Here is the instruction how to collect it: https://support.kaspersky.com/us/common/diagnostics/3632 You will be assisted. Thank you.
  9. Hi Boss,

    Hope i can have my own KL Group!

    Thanks :)

  10. Спасибо за Ваш фидбек. Исправили ссылку на корректную.
  11. Добрый день! напишите, пожалуйста, администратору форума. Artem Petukhov или Igor Kurzin. С уважением, Игорь Курзин
  12. Тема закрыта поскольку обсуждалось уже много раз.
  13. Good day, 1. How would you call a person, who has more that 1800 posts on a Kaspersky forum? "Kaspersky regular" - is a too unemotional description of someone who definitely likes to spend time on this forum. But anyway I see your point and I can change your title to "Kaspersky regular". 2. I see an evident contradiction in this statement. badly flawed and overly bubblewrapped - does not sound 'neutral'. I would say it sounds rather negative and what I don't appreciate the most with such statements: carries no objective data with this. I am pretty sure, you did not do an extensive research of the AV market and your opinion is based on your personal notions, not real facts. For true neutral opinions, there are independent comparative researches and many of them indicate that Kaspersky is number 1. I personally value your opinion, but I suggest to refrain from making not objective statements like this. Please note this forum is not for ranting, it is for assistance! Thank you for understanding, Igor
  14. .7z добавлен в список разрешенных форматов.
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