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  1. Btw, german AV-Vendor "GData" offers a free "Anti Bad-USB Solution" since some years now. Makes me sad, that the best AV-Vendor (Kaspersky - in my opinion) still has nothing like that in portfolio after so much time.
  2. Kaspersky Business Product do contain mitigation's against BadUSB since some years now (even though I found no information upon how they work or how effective they are). But I have never read anything against BadUSB-Countermeasures in Enduser Products? Can someone from Kaspersky please give a statement on this? Today, German newspaper Heise reported, that new BadUSB-Cables, that are indistinguishable from regular USB-Cables, are demonstrated now. Source: https://vincentyiu.co.uk/usbharpoon/
  3. Again BSOD after resuming from standby. This time I was able to identify "klwtp.sys" as being involved (according to crash-dump-analysis).
  4. Hello... I also had a bugcheck today, which relates to klim6.sys. I also have 611b installed. For me it happened after booting, which is on Windows 10 also a kind of wake up from suspend. Did you get any useful information from Tech Support? Greets Claus
  5. Hi worms, Thanks for your reference. Sadly my questions are still unanswered. 16.0.1.x is still neither listed as affected nor fixed. Same applies to 15.x. Greets, Claus
  6. Hi Harlan, Thanks for your link. But, its not really comprehensive. First, the four CVE's are not listed, so some can hardly tell which of the four issues applies. Second, ok, so 16.0 is affected, but what about 16.1? What about 15.x? Greets, Claus
  7. If you look at "http://blog.talosintel.com/2016/08/vulnerability-spotlight-multiple-dos.html" you don't really see a comprehensive list of affected KIS/KAV-versions. So, maybe someone at Kaspersky can give us some information on which versions are affected by this issues, and which are not? Greets from Austria, Claus
  8. Hallo Zusammen, Gut, dass es schon einen Thread gibt, sonst hätte ich da glatt selbst einen aufmachen müssen. Also das ist ja sowas von lächerlich! Englische Version ist verfügbar, Deutsche gibts nur den besch....eidenen Online-Installer! Bitte Kaspersky, stellt die Offline Version online!!! Dann schreib ich mal wieder dem Support....
  9. Hi Twirlspin, - The Process is easily to see in builtin windows taskmanager, you don't need any 3rd party tool to see it. - It will be fixed in Patch B for 2015.2. If Mail-AV is that important to you, you can go back to 2015.0, 2015.1 or 2014.x, they don't have this particular problem. Claus
  10. Hi AMDaniels Most likely you suffer from the problem that is discussed in this thread. Just disable Mail-Anti-Virus (and restart the PC) for the moment, and check back this thread regularly, to get informed when its safe to activate it again. Claus PS: Cool Name
  11. Hi Bill, They thing that makes the two PC's different could be the mails they have already fetched from the mail-servers. Only very little e-mails (and only Kaspersky knows, what's so special on them) trigger the cpu-load problem, most others run fine. If one of your PCs fetched the troublesome Mail before it was upgraded to 2015.02, it can run fine, until another mail gets into your inbox causing the problem. Or, do they fetch different mailboxes at all? Also not every 2015 version is affected, do you have 2015.2 on both machines? If you have 2015.0 or 2015.1 on it, you are safe from this issue too. Claus
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