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  1. Berny: I get that is the recommended solution. But in order to be comfortable with using Kaspersky going forward, I need to understand *why* this happened on my desktop, when it did *not* happen on my nearly identical laptop the week before. Can you help answer that question?
  2. Hello. I am in the process of migrating from Avast to Kaspersky free AV products. I may elect to upgrade to a paid product in the future. I would have done so with Avast, had it proven worthy. My first issue with Kaspersky is with coexistence/compatibility with Avast while I am making the transition. I first installed Kaspersky on my laptop. I ran it and Avast side-by-side for over a week, then decided to remove Avast. This morning, I attempted to install Kaspersky on my desktop computer. Strangely, part way through the download and install of the setup program (not the pre-install stub) an error message displayed indicating that Kaspersky was incompatible with an installed program, specifically Avast. Can anyone give me a reasonable explanation about why this would happen on this install, and not the previous install on my laptop? I suppose that one or both of these products could have upgraded minor versions during the week, but that wouldn't typically trigger this kind of behavior change. Both machines run Wndows 7 64-bit OS. The main reason I am moving on from Avast isn't any specific fault I have found in the basic protection, but in the stupidities inflicted by the program while running it. I do understand and expect that the vendor of a free product will attempt to do _some_ up-selling to paid products. In the case of Avast, that up-selling was incessant, and (worse, to me) stupid. For example, I use PIA for my VPN. Avast was constantly popping up messages warning me that "anyone on the internet can see your address" then citing the PITA VPN-provided IP (in an attempt to induce me to use the Avast VPN solution.) That indicates to me that Avast is deficient in either technical expertise, or in honesty. I'm hoping for better from Kaspersky.
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