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  1. Hello Indio, thanks for your help! I contacted the tech support and will post their answers here, so other users maybe can benefit from that! Regards NewOrder
  2. Hey indio, thank you for your quick answer! Link 1: Explains, that one has a secure connection using the windows-app, okay. Link 2: I already purchased the premium ('pay-')version. Question 1: So one HAS to use the application? No other way to use the VPN via proxy (I don't need to encrypt the traffic, I am not a gangster!) :-) But I want to hide my IP, in best case via my Fritz!Box-Router. Question 2: You guess? ;-) Anybody here who KNOWS? :-) Question 3: Refers to Q1 - I don't know, how to test that. JDownloader supports proxy-lists, but I don't have any IP/proxy-server-data from Kaspersky SC which will allow me to hide my IP. Question 4: What you mean is, that direct connections are tunneled via KSC? ...I am a little bit confused now...but thanks anyway! :-D
  3. Hello, I bought a one-year-license for KSC, but to be honest: I don't know exactly,, how it works, so I don't use it (more or less). I searched this forum several times, but didn't find any answer... My questions: 1. Is the application (switched to secure mode of course) required or is there any other way to lead the connection over the Kaspersky-Proxy-Servers? 2. When the app runs in secure-mode: Which programs are really secured? Only internet-browsers? Or any program under Windows 10, which connects to the internet? 3. My special interest: What about JDownloader2? Are downloads disguised (save), too? I ask, because while it downloads, running connections aren't interrupted when switching between 'save' and 'unsave'-mode on the Kaspersky-app, so once established (unsave) connections aren't being affected by KSC? 4. What about using plugins for Firefox, e.g. Flash-Player etc. Do they establish a direct connection, or are they save, too? Many thanks in advance for answering! ;-) Regards, NewOrder
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