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  1. Quite incredible that this should have gone on this long without a practicable solution. Kaspersky should expect lots of non renewals - mine included.
  2. Chromecast? I'm experiencing the symptoms on one PC that has never even heard of Chromecast. And similarly on another laptop that has the Microsoft Display adaptor software (Chromecast related?). As for Kaspersky just writing this problem off as "intentional", that's a joke even if the rationalisation is based on something valid. Unless they fix this problem via simple additional UI switch(es) or a documented Kaspersky-derived procedure (rather than expecting their victims to trawl through pages of well intentioned forum posts of uncertain validity) this will be the last time I renew the subscription - and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. There must be tens of thousands of people out here who haven't the slightest notion of what the alert actually means who are worried s4!tless about the possible security implications. Are they expected to simply dismiss the alert (endlessly)? In which case which other possible security alerts emanating from Kaspersky's software should also be ignored? All of them? Some of them? A complete bl00dy mess. So much for the KGB/GRU/FSB's competence, assuming they ever had any.
  3. I used to manage an in-house application in the newspaper industry. The expression "mission critical" applied; it's a Bad Thing if a publication doesn't appear. It's also a Bad Thing to get fired for incompetence. The length of time Kaspersky have known about this horrendous problem without fixing it is completely disgraceful. As usual hordes of users/victims are trying to solve the problem for the vendors - well, it's a very cheap "solution" for Kaspersky, assuming we ever get there.... Unfortunately I only renewed in January so I am reluctant to change my av application unless I can get a refund. As for the culpability of Chrome, or not, that's something of a red herring. If it is an unfortunate interaction it's still Kaspersky's responsibility to liase with Google in order to arrive at a solution because this situation is doing neither any good. I've changed over to Edge, which I really don't like but looks like becoming permanent.
  4. I am one of the multitude who have this problem. It seems quite outrageous that such a serious issue has not yet generated a fix by Kaspersky. I looks to me that it's time to use a different security solution. However Not having read every post I'd like the following question answered. Does using "Edge" for the time being solve the issue? Or even, in desperation, Firefox? Are Kaspersky anticipating a fix for this or are they relying on their customers to research and solve it? Which is a distressingly common policy these days.
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