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  1. Hello! As free user of Kaspersky and one of those that are affected by this problem I think we should be first of all grateful enough to have a free product that works already so well. The issue is not even two weeks old and seemingly not easy to investigate. Demanding daily updates doesn't seem very nice. Just my two cents....
  2. I am one of those that get the same warning about the same certificate and I do not have Chromecast. I use the Free version of the Antivirus (which I am satisfied with) so I am not allowed to find the required IP address as suggested above by @Mefodys. I am aware that people that pay for a subscription should have a better version/tools for themselves but in this case we are all affected by something that can be considered a bug, right? Or if not a bug, an issue that should not affect the end user at all. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hello! I am a recently new user of Kaspersky, using the Free edition and being satisfied with it. With the exception of this continuous warning about a certificate that pops up every time I run Chrome, even if I am not browsing. That makes me suspicious because I wonder how this can even happen, since I am not visiting any website at all. The URL provided by the warning is more than cryptic: e90f9283-31ba-6599-44f3-aeb75db426c6 - this is not something I can easily investigate myself. I learned in this thread I can disable the scanning of encrypted connections but I would really not like to do it since it can be really useful as it may be in this very case. Is there some setting that I can change so that Kaspersky would automatically not run that very certificate without asking me each time to manually do it? Thanks!
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