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  1. I realise that you are a moderator but does that really mean you do not have to actually read the thread? If you were to do so you would realise that your comment not only is irrelevant but also has, in my humble opinion, a slightly peeved tone to it. As I said in a previous post it appears the exclusions ARE now working. Maybe it just took a shutdown and restart to sort the problem and in addition it is not showing an infection when a file scan is used.
  2. Thanks for your input. I have just done a selective scan on the top level directory containing that file and it appear the exclusions ARE now working. Maybe it just took a shutdown and restart to sort the problem. When submitting the file to Kaspersky it now does not show as being infected. A little strange. Must be the BT syndrome (I have a fault on my phone line. Nothing wrong with the line Sir. Phone now working after the enquiry)
  3. I checked the file with VirusDesk and it says it is OK. A glitch perhaps? Then I am afraid you think incorrectly.
  4. Yes of course I can turn PC Cleaner off but that is not the point. It should not be repeatedly finding the program. Turning of PC Cleaner treats the symptom not the cause.
  5. Four times in the last 4 days I have told PC Cleaner to ignore a little used application but the next day it just comes right back again and suggests removing it. The only annoying application here is PC Cleaner. Unless this extremely annoy behaviour can be resolved I shall have to turn it off.
  6. I have set up an exclusion on a folder because KIS is erroneously flagging my own program as infected. Despite setting that up yesterday, today the file was quarantined and removed from it's location. KIS should not be doing anything at all with the file as the whole directory structure has been excluded. It only started this annoying behaviour 3 days ago - on the 9th Feb. My concern is that any users of the programs are also going to have this service program removed as a threat. I am unable to completely prevent removal becuse the folder is synced to another computer using Resilio Sync so ends up in the sync folder which is dynamic, unless I just set the whole of Resilio to an exclusion.
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