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  1. Hi Team, How can I monitor my mobile devices through KSC-10, Which version of KES and Kaspersky network agent will be install on mobile ios and android devices? Regards, rlinux57
  2. Hi Team, I have installed KES-11 on KSC-10 server, I lost the RDP connection of my kaspersky server. Could you please let me know how will i enable RDP port in that case ? Regards, rlinux57
  3. I used default policy already placed in KSC-10, I just activated for specific group. And even copy to that group. I have set in policy that no one will able to disable and change KES settings. It's working in windows machines but not applied on mac machines.
  4. Hi, I have re-installed it and license get activated. Could you please let me know how could i use kesl-10 through command-line centos. ? Regards, rlinux57
  5. I installed it but it doesn't work. Policies created in KSC-10 are not working on mac machines.
  6. Hi, As you shared the link, I have installed below plugin on KSC server, But no impact of this plugin. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Mac Could you please share the method or relevant plugin for that purpose ? Thank you
  7. Could you please share the method or relevant plugin for that purpose ?
  8. That means the policies are not applicable on macbook machines ?
  9. Hi Team, I have setup KSC 10 on AWS cloud, Kindly let me know which ports I have to allowed in aws security groups in order to communicate with end clients. Regards, rlinux57
  10. Hi, It was mentioned in previous thread. KESL version: kesl-10.1.0-5960
  11. Hi Team, I am having an issue I have setup KES (kesl-10.1.0-5960.x86_64.rpm) and Network agent (klnagent64-10.5.0-42.x86_64.rpm) on centos 6.9. Getting below error while activation. Either put license key or given key path to there. "keyname.key" dummy name of key file. Secondly, When I put an empty string to activate the built-in trial key, Now It has been connected with KSC-10 but real time status got stopped, As shown in below screenshot. How could i enable through command line ?
  12. Hi Team, In KSC 10 policies, actions taken locally like pausing protection or exiting protected with a password is not able to working on macbook. As same policy is working on windows based users. Is there a different way to create policies for macbook users ? Regards, rlinux57
  13. I have restored the previous server certificate, Now it's connected. Kindly let me know how can I set automatically backup settings and report scheduling in KSC 10 ?
  14. Where is GSI log located ? I have taken the backup after this incident occured.
  15. No, After installation it was working perfectly. This error occurred when server machine restarted. Screenshot attached.
  16. Hi Team, While opening KSC10, I am gettting invalid certificate error. Please check attached screenshot. Regards,
  17. Thank you, It's working. Could you please let me know I have a license of KES for 300 users, Now i need to extend how could i do it ?
  18. How pausing protection or exiting can be protected with a password ? Secondly I have set uninstall password in the network agent policy and policy implemented to my managed devices.
  19. Hi Martinez, I have set uninstall password for network agent through policy. And applied to my managed devices, Is it a way you were mentioned about ? But I didn't find password option in kes profile.
  20. Hi Team, I am using Kaspersky Security Center Version: 10.5.1781, And I have installed network agent on my client machines. How could i restrict client to do not uninstall or exit the Kaspersky antivirus and net agent. Regards, rlinux57
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