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  1. Hello, All MAC clients report to me issue with KES. This happens from long long time. Problem are: blocked machine (circling mouse, no app responding), most of the times it could be resolved by simply stopping Kaspersky agent, but quite often I had to restart and _then_ stop. At one point in time one manager de-installed it so I have to solve this issues. Software information: KES NetAgent: (now KSC is 10.5.1781) Have you any idea about it? An update to latest KES and NetAgent can solve the issue? What about Policy protection review? MAC groups is included in software vulnerabilities task: this could be a problem? every time the task report "function is not implemented". Many thanks
  2. The problem was solved by itself, now KSC is able to properly see and interact with the client. Thanks
  3. Hello, One client with KES 11.0 wasn't properly detected by KSC 10.5.1781 that showed Network Agent not installed. I performed remote installation of NetAgent 10.5.1781 with the same result. I manually uninstalled both NEtAgent and KES, tried remote installation of both software (KES but after the NetAgent installation stopped. I uninstalled again NetAgent, copied and installed the stand-alone package that contains both software, restarted the laptop: KSC see only NetAgent (Security application is not installed) and KES doesn't automatically update. KSC client event report: Event name Protection components are disabled Severity: Warning Application: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows (11.0.1) Version number: 11. Task name: Protection Device: XXXXXXX Group: Clients Time: 19.03.2019 11:39:56 Virtual Administration Server name: Description: Event type: Protection components are disabled Application\Name: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows User: XXXXXXX (Active user) Component: Protection Result\Description: Protection is not running What can I do?
  4. Thanks for your answer but I don't understand where can I find the Kud and Kpd file need for this.
  5. Hi all, In the company we have KSC 10 and KES 10 and 11 and I would like to understand how can I download network agent because in the last few days they are anymore in the KES page. I would also understand if there were other changes related to the KES 11. Please, could I have a link about these news? Many thanks
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