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  1. That's absurd in my opinion. Have they not thought about artists and content creators while developing the backup portion? A backup is simple: copy data from location A to location B. Looks like I'll just have to find some better software. At least the antivirus portion works very well, but it's a shame I can't use it to back up all my photos and media.
  2. I've tried reinstalling and resetting everything to no avail. My guess is the program isn't equipped to handle more than simple, small backups.
  3. I am trying to use Kaspersky Total Security to back up data to a 4 TB hard drive that I purchased specifically for that reason; there's tens of thousands of pictures and other media that I need to have safe in the event of hardware failure. The backup tool is easy to set up and use, but a problem I'm having is that it simply never works. It's a gamble as to whether or not it won't freeze and even then it sure likes to take its sweet time. There's about 1.2 TB of data so far that I'm trying to back up, but the utility gets stuck at random percentages. In the screenshot I attached, I'd left it running for an entire day after it got to 10% in the morning, and it hadn't progressed since then. I have only successfully had the program complete that specific backup once, and it took over twelve hours. That was after countless attempts at trying to get it to do the same thing. It also uses only one thread, which, in 2018 coming into 2019, is atrocious for a program that costs so much. I have the program running off an SSD on a rather powerful PC, and it's reading/writing to two separate hard drives. Disk usage on the drives is either very low or not there, indicating that there's nothing going on. My best guess is that the program is broken and needs a re-write. Has anyone else had issues like this with the backup and restore part of Total Security?
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