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  1. Hi Ivan, thank you for you answer but I don't understand .. I can choose during installation to show or not? Where? I usually "push" installation by console Thank you Carlo
  2. Hi Sorry for the delay of the answer. Your indication doesn't answer to my question I need to hide delte or whatelse the link on the start menu which is created for each user. Your procedure hide the icon near the clock Carlo
  3. Yes but every new user I should delete it, every day I have new users on several pc. I would like to not have it at all or disable the creation of the link .... Carlo
  4. Hi thank you for the reply but it's not suitable for me. As you can see from prinscreen I hide th icon near the clock but what I don't want it's the pointed by arrow (and I can't delete it because it's created for single users that log in) (Excuse me for the printscreen I just relax with paint!)
  5. Hi it would be enough to hide the link. I will check tomorrow the "advanced option" colud you plese post a print screen of it? Thank you Carlo
  6. Hi, I would like to hide the Kaspersky Link from the program bar. The user does not have to see the link to "avp.exe" Attached a printscreen of what I need to "hide/delete" for alla user. But if I understand correctly the link it's vreated for each user (don't ask me why it's a request from our pc production branch, that make no sense also for me ...)
  7. HI, I need to hide or not create the link to the program. I see that the link is created in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs and it's created for each user. Is there a way to do not create it or to delete it (we find a similar issue with other programs and removing or changing a registry key we were able to do that. Feel free to contact me for further info. best regards Carlo
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