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  1. Contact Technical Support: https://support.kaspersky.com/
  2. Welcome aion707. Please check your spam folder. If the email it's not present, contact the Kaspersky support: https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests
  3. The Shield

    Volnerability while booting

    In addition, check that this setting is active: Settings > Performance > Prevent infection during operating system restart.
  4. Have you tried this or you answer without reading? It's a secure setting.
  5. The problem is connected to this: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/402104-not-able-to-visit-a-lot-of-https-websites-err_ssl_version_interference-merged/ It occurs with Firefox and Chrome. Temporary solution: (1) use Edge/Opera or (2) Settings > Additional > Network > "Scan encrypted connections upon request from protection components" (photo1). photo1 If (2) doesn't work, use this setting (photo2): photo2
  6. Update your browser to the last version and try again. What version of Kaspersky Free are you using?
  7. I'm trying to help you! Do this test and tell me if you can see Twitter correctly or not.
  8. Welcome imnotsure. Please try: Settings > Additional > Network > Manage exclusions > Add the site and save.
  9. Welcome Reseaux. Try: Settings > Protection > Web Anti-Virus > Advanced Settings > Configure trusted URLs > Add and save.
  10. The Shield

    I cannot update my database

    Welcome @Unfeathered. Look at this richbuff post in the topic: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/403305-cannot-update/
  11. The Shield

    kaspersky 10 days missing

    So it is correct. The new license starts the day of the purchase (in your case 10 days ago).
  12. Welcome Ajay Sekhar. Please not upload suspicious files to the forum. For decrypt the files you can try: https://noransom.kaspersky.com Take a look also at the utilities offered by Kaspersky: https://support.kaspersky.com/viruses/utility If you are a Kaspersky user with a valid license, open a support ticket in My Kaspersky account, send a sample of an encrypted file and if you have the same unencrypted file. More information about your encrypted files: https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com
  13. The Shield

    kaspersky 10 days missing

    Hello grkr@ktis.net. Did you buy the license from a reliable site? Did you get the key by email?
  14. Hello pokeefe0001. Please update Firefox to the last version and try: Settings > Additional > Network > Scan encrypted connections upon request from protection components. If nothing changes, please try to uninstall Firefox > reboot > install Firefox > reboot.
  15. The Shield

    database is not updating

    Welcome george Oommen. Are you referring to the application Kaspersky Update Utility or Kaspersky AV/IS/TS? For the latter, try: Settings > Additional > Network > Proxy server settings > Do not use proxy server > Save.

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