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  1. Dear Support, Waiting for your response. Thanks
  2. Dear Support, Kindly find the attached GSI report of affected machine in the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5do36aw4c7335e0/GSI6_ZULFIQAR_zulfiqar.barcha_01_16_2019_17_37_25.zip?dl=0
  3. Yes, 3rd party updates are available at local host but we are only applying WindowS update.
  4. Ok i will check this. Also could you please tell what others thing should be verified before performing this activity ? Have you seen the attached exported task is it all configured properly ? Thanks
  5. Kindly find the new upload link of archive: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6lq1bpfsimnzvp2/Install updates Log files.rar?dl=0 Thanks!
  6. I have restarted the affected device and performed Find vulnerability and Perform Windows Update Synchronization tasks but still the same prompt !!
  7. Thanks for the response. The updates are being applied to devices which was updated several months ago but still the issue occurs, also as you can see in the task settings that i have selected option "Install all updates (except denied)". Thanks
  8. Dear Support, I am trying to apply only Windows Update rule though KSC and there is an issue while applying "Install required updates and fix vulnerabilities" task, when the task is run it suddenly completes with message "No action required" although all settings are properly applied. Also i have tried to fuzz many settings randomly but still the same message display "No action required". I have executed "Perform windows update synchronization" and "Find vulnerabilities and required updates". Kindly note KSC 10.5 patch A is already installed. Kindly find the following link to get the below details: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v1229s0zwn8fov5/Log files.rar?dl=0 *GSI report of KSC Server *Exported "Install required updates and fix vulnerabilities" task *Exported "Find vulnerabilities and required updates" task *Exported "Perform Windows Update Synchronization" task *Results of these tasks *Exported Network agent policy Product: Kaspersky Security Center 10 Version: 10.5.1781.0
  9. HD

    QB folder issue

    I will provide you with the GSI report. But what could be the reason of this ? Is it because of viruses or other thing ? Thanks
  10. HD

    QB folder issue

    Out of total 1700 devices 1500 are KES 11 and yes they were upgraded from KES 10.
  11. Dear Support, There is a folder located in path "C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\KES\QB". Few devices in network suddenly starts to increase the size of QB folder to 11+ GB for which we have to disable SELF-Defence option and then we have to delete it. Can you please tell the reason why is this happening and how we can stop KES doing this ? Thanks KSC Version: 10.5 KES: 11 Network Agent: 10.5
  12. Ok Thanks for your support.
  13. Thanks for the response. KSC:10.5 I have a query that i want to clean Quarantine, Backup, Unprocessed repository using any other method except selecting all files and deleting it. is there any other method ? because by doing manually selecting and deleting all files its unable to delete. Thanks
  14. Dear Support, Thanks for the response. Means that this query does not cover in your SOP ? Thanks

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