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  1. So does that mean using Safe Browser and MDM-profile works the same way Endpoint for Android does? Because getting people to use a new browser is likely never going to happen. With KSC10 controlling Endpoint for Android I can block apps and could technically get them to only be able to use a certain browser but If MDM-profile doesn't provide that kind of functionality I will just leave it with those 6 Iphones and make a recommendation to management that they no longer give the option for Iphones as company phones seeing as it was them who wanted Kaspersky on all mobile devices aswell as PCs.
  2. Hi, this may be a bit of a stupid question but here goes anyway. We have been using KSC10 to remotely install Kaspersky Endpoint for android using the Exchange active sync option. We use the active sync to send out an email with the link to get the app. However out of the 100 or so devices there a 6 IOS. I have tried using the same method of active sync to install the app but all they get is Kaspersky Safe Browser. I know there is a different way of getting it done with the IOS MDM Server but for that I need to apply for a certificate. So I just wanted to make sure that it is even possible to get the app on IOS as I looked in the app store and couldn't see it there and I don't want to go through all the effort and then find out that safebrowser is the only thing you can get on IOS.
  3. Okay it seems the problem was "Kontrollierte Ports" which translates to controlled ports. It had it marked as a Yahoo port. I was under the assumption that a controlled port would let regular traffic through and block suspicious traffic. Apparantly it just blocks all traffic on that specific port and they were all on by default. Uncheckingn the box fixed it.
  4. Hi, we recently installed Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 on all our workstations and use Security Center 10 to manage them. We have just discovered that our DSM Synology servers are beign blocked somehow by Kaspersky. When we enter the IP on a browser it shows that it has loaded but the page is completly blank. We have done some test and when using remote desktop from home it loads the page aswell as if we remove KES11. We have tried whitelisting the addresses to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas which setting could be blocking it? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi, thanks for the response. Didn't realise that my license wouldn't cover all of the services as I was in the process of buying a license key then saw that my Kaspersky Endpoint Business Advanced key worked on the fileserver. Guess I will go back to the original plan and buy a Security for Storage key.
  6. Sorted it. I didn't have the Agent installed on the fileserver. I am however having a problem with getting some of the file server services to start running. It gives me the message "Verstoß gegen den Endbenutzer-Lizenzvertrag. Grund: Die Lizenz verbietet den Start der Aufgabe" which roughly translates to License conflict, reason: the license is blocking the start of the service. However when looking at my license in the license section of the console it states that I have an active business license until 2022.
  7. I have recently installed Kaspersky for File Server 10.1 on our main fileserver. My KSC10 is on a different server, however I can't seem to access the information on KSC10. I have prevously installed Kasperky for Exchange on a seperate server and after trying to access it from KSC10 I was prompted to select where the plugin was and after that I was able to see the information on KSC. That is missing for my KSFS, when I select the server it is installed on in KSC it doesn't even recognise that it has a Kaspersky product installed on it. I installed Kaspersky for Fileserver with the setup file and not using KSC10. Any help would be appriciated.
  8. Hi, I have a problem with KES10 for Android. I am able to sync with the device from KSC and the device can sync with the server. But as soon as the Android device is connected to the wlan it is no longer able to sync with the sever even though I can still sync with it from KSC. KSC 10.5.1781 and KES for Android Any help would be appriciated Thanks
  9. I've port forwarded the correct ports but I can't see any option to configure the android app to point to any DNS. I'm assuming you meant the android app when you said Kaspersky Agents.
  10. I sorted to the lockout problem but I still can't synchronise my android from outside of the server. By when i'm connected ot the local network I am. I can't use that link because as I said I am testing before buying and because of that all of the official support is useless as they send me that link and I can't make an account as I need a license key which I obviously don't have yet.
  11. Hi, I am currently testing KES 10 to see if I want to buy it. While testing I was unable to get the android sync to work. It never synchronised with the server. However today the phone randomly connected (didn't change any settings) and instantly got locked even though no requests were sent out at the time. It is now asking for a pin which as far as i'm aware was never set. Also when I select the phone on KSC10 and select "unlock" it doesn't set the pin to 1234 like it says in the manual as it has reverted back to not being able to sync with the phone. Any help would be appriciated!
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