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  1. Thank you all for your assistance, but at this time that department has elected to remove the system from the network. As part of that, Kaspersky has been removed from this machine, so I no longer need assistance.
  2. @Konstantin Antonov when I disabled all the components, it acted like it was going to work, but when we attempted to use the camera it went back to the black screen it shows when Kaspersky is not allowing the program to access the camera.
  3. @Konstantin Antonov I am unfamiliar with how to do this. @stefano_dottori That option was already not enabled.
  4. @Konstantin Antonov is there a way to just disable them on only this device?
  5. @Nikolay Arinchev there could be some settings change or disabling a component that would fix this, but the only resolution I've found so far is removing KES11. That obviously doesn't resolve my issue, so I'm hoping there's something I can change within KES to get this to work. Thanks.
  6. Thank you, @Nikolay Arinchev I am unable to get that website to load, but I have sent it via PM to @KLCentralSupport Thanks for your assistance.
  7. @Nikolay Arinchev sure, you just want me to post it here?
  8. @Nikolay Arinchev yes, the executable of the file is in both scan exclusions and trusted zone. This did not resolve the issue. Thanks. I also placed the folder containing the settings for the application in the exclusions at the request of the software maker, with no change.
  9. We don't use device control or application control, so I can't figure out why it would be stopping this application from access this USB camera.
  10. Good Afternoon, We have a device that we recently installed KES11 on. This device has software that needs to access a USB camera in order to function. Once we installed KES11, the software would no longer show the video from the camera. I removed KES11, and the software and camera work correctly. How do I set KES11 to allow this application to access this USB camera? Also worth noting that this is on a Windows 10 system. Thanks.
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