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  1. Hi, blue dump issue on win7 sp1 all version tried like - kes10sp2mr3 as well as Kes11 bu the result is same. Please find the GSI & complete Memory dump. Please help us to resolve the issue. Download link https://wetransfer.com/downloads/1f9b2a0de2893d4977d2d34bc570c1db20190520104906/995cb24a5f107ae6a65fc3d8d664cbb320190520104906/204efe 1 file GetSystemInfo_IND-DT-01454_Parina Nagar_2019_05_20_16_06_15.zip Download link https://wetransfer.com/downloads/9270280706ea74945605255644d324f320190520055230/a464e95c5a334ed50e1e5185d734b0cb20190520055230/a84850 1 file MEMORY.DMP BR
  2. hi, if I follow the above article will the output automatically notified by email. Please suggest. Thank you
  3. hi, can you provide me the exact command with parameter so I can get the exact output as raised above. thank you
  4. Hi, Ksmg version: Latest Version: Thank You
  5. hi, We require information on the status of KSMG signature update though email. How to achieve this. Please help. Thank you
  6. Hi, we have KSC 10.5.1781 & domain controller in Linux & Ldap is configured on that server. So if I want to create group structure of the entire active directory which on the Linux server. All users logged in the systems as a domain user with SAMBA. So will KSC able to pull out entire active directory hierarchical structure along with OU. Manage devices -> All task -> create group structure. If yes then kindly provide me any article for reference. Thank You
  7. Hi, It's working fine without av but after installing av its getting rebooted & BSOD error is coming. It's happening abruptly. BR
  8. hi, what is your expertise finding on the logs which I have provided? BR
  9. Hi, 1>we have found out that blue dump issue is coming on windows server 2003 r2, previously installed ks4ws( 2> we have uninstall ks4ws(10.1.1746) rebooted the system and installed sp1mr4 remotely still the same issue 3> we have checked and found out esset file security is there, so we have uninstall eset file security but the issue remains same. 4> net-worm issue is coming ,so we have run the kvrt tool, block 139 and 445 and install the security updates as well We have collected the memory dump ,gsi log and events log. Kindly help to resolve the issue. Kindly access the below link for memory dump & GSI "https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NWfpr7r1kqXU8tj1UwW0t08g8mUplw4H?usp=sharing" Thank You
  10. hi, We want to search desire computer in devices section using any character. Example- in KSC – under devices- device name is as 1036-kundan 2058-Kumar 6698-Kunal Now if we want to search ku* in search box, will it show the result. please help to resolve this issue. Thank You
  11. Hi, Is KSC capable to capture image of dual boot system including both OS ( Windows + Linux). If you confirm then only i can proceed for the same. And if possible let me know the steps. Thank You
  12. Hi, Is it possible to capture image of dual boot system including both OS ( Windows + Linux) and same can be deploy on other systems using Kaspersky security center. I am unable to do the same. Kindly mention the right procedure. KSC - 10.5 BR
  13. Hi, web-control feature is not working in kaspersky security 10.1 for windows server. created url-based block rule for specific websites & others are allowed. Its working fine in internet explorer but it's not working in Mozilla & google chrome. I am attaching the required logs. Kindly help us to resolve the issue. Download link https://we.tl/t-wnBzLz2SLh 1 file ksws.7z BR
  14. hi, as per company security policy we cannot use http. So please provide us https link to connect the update services. Please help us. BR
  15. Hi, can you give me the script only? BR
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