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  1. Hi, Please find the traces as required & do the needful BR ksws traces.rar
  2. hI, UNABLE TO OPEN KSWS 10.1. 1.746. CONSOLE. locally installed . PFA - GSI , error screenshot , installation log https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bxleTRYQFYhNEodY3nt27kYDjcnqXjIr Please provide a resolve the issue. Thank You
  3. Hi, one normal ppt blocked by kaspersky security exchange 9.0 . Please find the GSI & screenshot attached. why a normal ppt blocked by KSE 9.0 BR GSI6_SCDLMAIL01_administrator_11_23_2018_13_05_23.zip
  4. Hi, This is to inform you that in our security center we have created 6 KSC administrators as per our required roles. We wanted to know how to get reports on these above-said admins, such as what are all configurations and changes are being performed by them. in a report. Kindly help us in this regards. BR
  5. Hi, while installing locally ksws on windows 2012 r2 getting fatal error. GSi attached for reference. Please find the GSi on the below link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13XYT0P6hEXcZkjxaEZWHd1LLWGQqc56e Thank you
  6. Hi, I have installed the Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server (klmsui-setup.pl and klmsui-setup.pl packages). I have followed the steps given at following link: https://support.kaspersky.co.uk/14485#block4 After installation, when try to login using browser, I get error. Screen shot of the error is attached. The steps followed and output of steps is also attached. Please help. Thank You kslm_installation.txt
  7. garu

    configure sql

    hi, SQL Database Support, ksc10sp3 We had currently configured the database with MS SQL 2017 server. We have to plan to configure the current configuration with MS SQL 2014 server. Kindly suggest to below query, 1. Is it possibility to configure the database from higher version to lower version? 2. How Kaspersky is used to write the table format in database server? thank you
  8. Hi, Unable to configure bandwidth management in kes11. what would be the exact process to do the same. BR
  9. Hi, If i install kes 11 with full disk encryption running . can we perform windows update without decryption. update to 1803 or any cumulative update. BR
  10. Hi, If i install kes 11 with full disk encryption running . can we perform windows update without decryption. update to 1803 or any cumulative update. BR
  11. Hi, also cumulative update of ms-office of 1709 is nor happening. If i uninstall kes10sp2mr2 then only I am able to perform windows update. Please provide appropriate solution. BR
  12. garu

    automatic restore & backup

    Hi, Yes data archiving functionality. I am finding the same in mean but unable to get it. BR
  13. garu

    automatic restore & backup

    IHi, I want to take automatic backup / restore of critical system files via kesb. Which is available in kaspersky total security home edition. BR
  14. garu

    automatic restore & backup

    hi, still waiting for your positive response. If yes then please mention the steps. If no then please mention. Thank You
  15. Hi, unable to get the option to take automatic restore & backup of critical system files In kes11. Kindly help. BR

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