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  1. UPDATE: About 2 weeks ago I was told to download Kaspersky Total Security 2019 and run another full scan and to collect logs to pass on to the support team, which I did. I haven't heard back from them yet as they told me they were passing them onto an expert for further analysis, but a couple of days ago my system (Windows) updated itself and now the problem seems to be fixed. I'm not entirely sure when the problem became resolved as I've not run a full scan since 2 weeks ago, but it completes the full scan now without any issues. I am sorry that I don't have a more clear cut answer for those of you experiencing a similar issue. Again, I'm not sure if the Windows update fixed it or if Kaspersky did something on their end, but my problem is now gone. I will email Kaspersky support to see if they know what happened and will post here if there is any relevant information.
  2. I will definitely continue to update when I have more information. As of right now, I have given Kaspersky a few different reports they asked for to investigate the cause of the problem, but (as far as I know) they have not been able to find the problem or a solution to it. They told me they will get back to me when they have something, I will let you know how it goes and hopefully what the fix is. (Unrelated) Also J520, you can push the [prt sc] button on your keyboard to copy (whatever is currently on) your screen to your clipboard and then just paste that picture into a Word document or Paint or something similar to these. Then you won't need to take pictures with another device and your pictures will be much nicer! It's not really important at all, I just remember when I first learned about it and I was so amazed, so I thought I would share this with you.
  3. UPDATE: I have been told to run Disk Cleanup and delete unnecessary/temporary files. I have done this, but the problem still persists. I will continue to update you guys when appropriate.
  4. Ah, OK. I'll look into that. Thanks again.
  5. OK, I have sent the request to Tech Support and will post any relevant info for fixing the issue here. Thank you. On another note, can you answer my secondary question/issue or do you have any information regarding it?
  6. Negative. Followed the instructions and the Full Scan still freezes at 83%.
  7. Hello, I am having an issue with Kaspersky Total Security 2018. The issue is new and before a day ago everything scanned without incident. Now, however, when I run a Full Scan, the program will "freeze" at 83% finished. I can still click "Stop" and stop the scan, but when I try to start another Full Scan nothing happens. I am also unable to close Kaspersky forcibly using the Task Manager at this point. A reboot of the computer fixes the "frozen" issue, but will only allow the next Full Scan to hit 83% again before the problem reoccurs. I have uninstalled through the control panel twice and reinstalled from My Kaspersky, but the problem persists. I am unsure of how to proceed and the GSI created is 4.62MB, so I cannot attach the file below. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. P.S. Previously (when Full Scan was working normally) I was getting different numbers for the total number of files scanned after the scan was complete. No settings were ever changed and the scans were run daily, but sometimes it would say around 200,000 total and other times it would be 400,000 or 500,000 total. I've always wondered, why the discrepancy?
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