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  1. SNAP. Same again. Getting tiresome and seriously wondering whether it`s time to change as some of the notifications I get are beyond me. I also have bucket loads of SSL invalid certificate notifications when looking at my "detailed reports". Ok so they are warnings that have been sorted but non the less concerning. If it wasn`t that I have an extended 2 year subscription I would be off. Very interesting to note hundreds of lines of attempts to collect data in the detailed reports relating to moneysaving expert forum and can you believe kapsersky forum too . So kaspresky is notifying me or blocking attempts by kaspersky forum to collect data. Interesting huh !
  2. Interesting reading these comments. I`ve been linking on another forum site with a person posting on here and this seems a growing problem that`s recently arisen. Of course Lloyds and Halifax are one and the same together with Bank of Scotland. Has anyone had problems with BOS? So far it seems Halifax, Santander and TSB are all affected BUT Nationwide, Tesco and HBOS are not, but I dare say there are more options to come. The message does state a dangerous URL has been blocked so on the face if it then it`s ok to go ahead but if it all goes wrong and you get your bank account is compromised then who is to blame? I called Halifax and they were no use other than suggest changing browsers, which in my case meant from Firefox to Edge but no difference was the result. I do have rapport (trusteer) and asked the Halifax person what they thought of it and was amazed they didn`t know what I was on about....don`t all bank online sites ask you to download it !! With 2 logged tickets to KASP I won`t bother doing the same although if nothing appears from that direction then a phone call Monday will ensure. Like most people on here I guess we have all run various virus/malware progs and found no problems resulting.
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