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  1. You rock!! I installed the latest version of the Admin Kit. Ran the uninstall task on all workstations through the admin console, and reinstalled them to 5.0.225! So sick! The urgent Update from 5.0.225 to 5.0.227 automatically installed on all workstations. Thanks for your help!
  2. I dont understand why it is such a pain to update the Antivirus products. My setup is a follows: The Antivirus Server downloads all product updates urgent or not to a local location that is shared on the network. Looking into the AutoPatches folder I have kav5.0.205patch_winwks_upd.exe, patch_all_wks_5.0.225_to_5.0.227, and patch_nb_fs_5.0.52_to_5.0.57. The workstations are running 5.0.200 so I cannot run the kav5.0.205 patch since the workstations are running an older version. When I go to the website under product updates I can download the urgent update to go from 5.0.200 to 5.0.210. Great...but how do I go to 5.0.225??? And what are the changes???? Is there a simpler process for the updates? Also, every update has to be run individually from the workstations. Is there an automates process???? I that was the whole point of the remote install protion of the Admin Kit. Please advise. This is a painfull process especialy since I have several clients running this solution and it is becoming too time consuming process. Thanks, Robert
  3. I'm not sure why I cannot figure this out. I have 2 new Product Updates under the Updates folder in the Admin Console (patch_nb_fs_5.0.52_to_5.0.57.exe, and patch_all_wks_5.0.225_to_5.0.227.exe). They are both executable files that do not have any kpd file. How are these updates supposed to get deployed without the kdp file? If I manually go to the share directory on your server and execute the patch_all_wsk... file the installation screen starts and then disappears. This is on a workstation running KAV Workstation 5.0.200 (Windows 2000 pro SP4) Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Robert
  4. Thanks guys for your responses. I was afraid that I would need to rebind the old pst file to outlook and scan/disinfect. The viruses found are listed below in the order of highest infections to least...just fyi! Win32.Mydoom.a Win32.NetSky.aa, q, d, b Win32.Bagle.a thanks, ronbert
  5. Hi everyone, I have got a slight problem on my hands. I'm working with an XP PRO SP2, 2GHz , 512MB, KAV 5.0.205 Dell. Anyway checking the admin console the system found 108,523 virus infections...which made me fall out of my chair. After analyzing what and where the viruses are, I found out that all the viruses are in archived PST files in repreated scanns and Kaspersk cannot disinfect them nor can I delete them. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the infected messages? Please let me know. Thanks, Ronbert
  6. Yes!!! The problem was the version of KAV Workstation. I installed the 5.0.200 Version from the 4.5, the policies updated and everything is working perfectly. Thanks for all the help. later, Robert
  7. Holly smokes...this could be the ticket!!! Download is in progress...
  8. Is there a never version of clients? I just purchased the Optimal Kit an this is what I got.
  9. I have locked all of the policy settings as well as the tasks for the entire group that the workstations are under. I have the same issue. I think I might have found the potential problem. When I check the properties on the individual workstations under the admin group and check the Application. The only applications that show up are the Kaspersky Network Agent. When I attempt to deploy the KAV workstation package I receive a failure on the workstations specifying that the KAV workstation package is already installed. What is the next step to get this resolved. Please let me know. thanks, Robert
  10. Sorry for the delayed reply, I've been out of town on a project!!! 1. I have successfully deployed KAV for WKS manually as well as remote installs with no problems. 2. KAV for WKS are running and functioning properly on all workstations. The problem that I'm running into is that they are ignoring the policies I have in place under their assigned group. Workstations are running version, the Admin kit is running version 5.0.0369, and the Server is running version 5.0.40. Attached are some screen shots, maybe that will help! Please help! thanks, Robert KAV_Workstation_Screen_Shot.zip
  11. Hello, I just installed the KAV Optiman onto our doamin. We are running W2K Advanced Server SP4 with AD and all the workstations are W2K Pro SP4. I had Kaspersky crreate the group based on the current domain structure and I have no problems seeing all of the workstations in the new Group. Within the Admin Console I can see all Network Agents installed and running...but none of the workstations have kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations running under them. Only the Server shows that it has Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 for Windows File Servers and Kaspersky Network Agent running. I'm assuming that because of this problem I cannot update any Policy for the workstations since the Admin colsole is not showing the Anti-Virus software running??? Someone PLEASE help... I have tryed pushing the KAV with the remote install package, and also tryed the manual installation with the same results. Thanks, Robert
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