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  1. Hi Thanks for Reply. I guess,you misunderstood, i told you that,i have one master server and some slave servers.i wanna install kes 11.0.1 on my clients that work under slave servers management from my master server.what you said ,the task just work on slave servers not on clients in slave servers. could you help me more?? Thanks
  2. Hi could you tell me how? or give me a link for reading Thanks
  3. Hello i have one primary KCS(10.5.1781) and some slave(10.5.1781) servers and i want to use install application remotely Task from primary Kcs for upgrading kes 10.3 to 11.0.1 on my slave servers.is it possible ?? Thanks
  4. Hi I mean,By what name kasprsky detects the malware?? for example eset detects this malware by name "Filecoder.STOP" Thanks
  5. Hi By which name kaspersky detects that malware??? thanks
  6. Hello I have Heard something about .djvu ransomware (STOP virus Family)that it has been release The end of 2018.I wanna know that kaspersky detects this kind of ransomware?? thanks
  7. Hello I wanna know that does kaspersky endpoint detects ransomware "stop" .Djvu ?? according to what name detection or name threat ?? Thanks
  8. Hi could you explain the result More؟ Thanks
  9. Hi unfortunately I don not understand what you are saying. could you explain the result More؟ thanks in advance
  10. Hi I think you misunderstood.This issue when happens that I start backup of administration server data task and finally the result says completed with error Thanks
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