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  1. Hi I al using Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server. The scan ended with exitcode -6
  2. Hi I am using Veeam B&R for backing up internal VM's on Vsphere 6.5 In Veeam latest update (9.5 U4) they launched secure restore. It means you scan your virtual servers on malware before they are back to production. It is based on XML file which i have added Kaspersky command line paramaters. But when scanning drives it gives exitcode -6 Can anyone help with this ?
  3. Hi Nikolay Yes the daily scan is scheduled at 8 o'clock in the morning . But the android device also give these warnings during the dat. '
  4. Hi I have find it . Thx Is there something to do against the high battery usage when using kes mobile for android ?
  5. Hi Security center is 10.5.1781 Kes mobile for android Service Pack 3 Maintenance Release 2
  6. Hi I have some problems with Kes for android. I don't remember the unlock code for uninstalling . I also don't find ik SC. Is there a way to find it back or to create a new one ? On some android devices it use much from battery. Is there something what i can do for this problem ?
  7. Hi Indeed after uninstall and reinstall of KSC user account is recreated. This case may closed Kind regards Roel
  8. Hi I recently upgrade to latest version of KSC. After upgrade i don't see 'desktop sharing' in remote control option. I see only remote desktop. Is there are way to get this option in the latest version of KSC? If it is possible how can i get it ?
  9. Hi No i don't have IPSec . Only VPN tunnel from main site to secondary site. The KLPxe user is deleted from local users & groups. How can i create it back ?
  10. Hi In the attachement you'll find the event viewer logs errorsKLPXe.evtx
  11. Hi Yes i send you screenshot of windows event log of KSC. There is a error which is about KLPXe user account
  12. Hi It seems that installing image to bare metal by PXE doesn't work because password KLPxe user account password has changed. Need to reset the paswoord to previous password. Or uninstall and reinstall PXE to recreate PXe user
  13. Hi Is there a way to reconfigure the local user accounts of the Kaspersky Security center ? The KLPxe user account must be reinstalled because PXE server doesn't work anymore . Kind regards Roel
  14. Hi Case number is INC000008857502. Problem is dat can't access share from non domain joined machine. While group everyone has full control (Share en security) permissions. Can only access share when i enter credentials Kind regards Roel
  15. Hi I hope so. Ticket was created around 12 february. Still don't get answer what the exact problem is. Kind regards
  16. Hi My partner Secutec (Belgium) have already created a case with Kaspersky Support. Contact name is Frederic Schamp (support@secutec.be) You find system information in attachment Kind regards Roel GetSystemInfo_KSC_ladmin_2018_03_16_11_52_36.zip
  17. Hi KLPxeUser have full access permissions (Share Permissions) KLPxeUser has also full control by Security Permissions Is there a place where i have to fill in the password of KLPxeUser ? Kind regards Roel
  18. Hi the kaspersky security server is logged in with domeinadmin account levenslustadmin. these credentials also entered in sysprep settings kind regards roel
  19. Hi In attachments you 'll find screenshots of sharing en security permissions every ad group and local group have full control at security level every group has full control on sharing permissions kind regards roel
  20. Hi Yes the permissions are set correct. Everyone has full access. is IP of KSC Kind regards Roel
  21. Hi sorry for late response. in attachment you'll find error message while deploying win 10 1709 image to bare metal system kind regards roel
  22. Hi I gonna add screenshots tomorrow Kind regards Roel
  23. Hi I try to Deploy an image of Windows 10 1709 to a vm. I get the error in the pxe screen when it tries to connect to \\KSC\KLShare Kind regards Roel
  24. Hi I have security center 10.4.343 Kind regards Roel
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