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  1. I am close to renewing my Kaspersky license. I am using Kaspersky Total. Q. - If i switch to KIS, do i have to do an uninstall of Total - then an install if KIS. Or can i streamline right into KIS via my Kaspersky acct? Thanks.
  2. This is in regard to Thunderbird 63. i see Kaspersky is on their (TBirds) certified list (Thunderbird options/tools/advanced/certificates/manage certificates/AUTHORITIES.) However, following the same path - options/tools/advanced/certificates/manage certificates/YOUR CERTIFICATES. Under this last - YOUR CERTIFICATES - i do not see Kaspersky.. I am not concerned about having the Kaspersky anti-spam. My only concern is -- are my incomong emails being scanned by Kaspersky? Thanks. :)
  3. Hi Berny. Just a bottom line - does not enabling kaspersky addon/extension hurt firefox's effectiveness. Does it hurt kaspersky's effectiveness when i am online with firefox browser? Thanks
  4. FF - 61.0.1 Do i need Kaspersky protection - enabled in F.F. thanx
  5. BT WAY - my current version is KTL Is this vers. 2019
  6. I have just reloaded KTS 2018. My browser is firefox. UNDER - firefox/tools/addons/extensions/kaspersky protection-disabled. Do i enable this. Thanks.
  7. I also have what it says here which i quoted from another forum member. I also wonder if there is a reason for the word "fake" on the certificate. thanks. Also, Why does it have fake on the root cert?
  8. Thanks for checking out the issue. My laptop has a touch screen - i was able to log off "touching". But not with the mouse. Yeah - it is funny - not sure why Firefox wont allow the "mouse klik sign off".
  9. also - followed this path - Firefox > Options > Privacy & Security > Certificates > View certificates > Authorities > "AO Kaspersky Lab" i see AO Kaspersky lab is in twice?? Could that be reason with logging off with FF?
  10. There is an email address (mine) in top R. corner with drop down arrow. I have found that if a access my kaspersky with IE i can log off. However, i have used F.Fox for years. I just dont understand why i cannot access the log off with F.Fox. Thanks for replying - appreciated.
  11. I am not sure if this question belongs here - seems the best place to go, as other support doesnt help. ISSUE - i can log onto MY KASPERSKY, but cannot log off. I use Firefox. Thank you.
  12. yes i am enjoying the learning curve where the forum is very helpful. As i better understand KTL i should be on less & less. But it is nice to know i can access forum when a need & or my confusion kicks in. Thanks.
  13. I keep getting an error messaage - "SEVERAL ATTEMPTS TO CONNECT TO MY KASPERSKY PORTAL HAVE FAILED. CHEK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION SETTINGS". I am offline (where i am most of the time) - when i get this message. it's usually after a database update. Thanx.
  14. Thanks for the help. appreciated.
  15. Sounds OK. KTL has a good rep - so i will not fret. Thanks - have a nice weekend.
  16. Thanks for the good answer. I'll follow the advice.
  17. Another question. when i am running a power presentation, are there certain KTL protections i could turn off? i am in a secure environment when i do them? just don't want the PC too die, or start KTL scans or something during presentation. Thanks.
  18. A question - i am sure there is a good reason. When i perform a KTL full scan, about 380,000 files are scanned. When i used Eset IS - a full scan was about 550,000 files scanned. Bit Def I.S. was over 1,000,000 files scanned. Is this normal? Thanks.
  19. Not sure how what you mean by re-producing the error.
  20. Thanks - i see where to go. I think i will only disable rootkit scan occasionally, as it seems to be helpful. That a good move or not. thanks. i will have a few posts as i am trying to get up to speed with my new KTS.
  21. A root kit scan just started up. I can see no place to go to schedule or control the scan. Thanks.
  22. Yesterday, i was giving a power point presentation. The PC shut down during the presentation. This has never happened before. This was my 1st time doing a presentation with Kaspersky as my security. Are there some settings i am not aware of in KTL that caused this, or that might prevent it? thanks.
  23. thanks - i have saved a bookmark of page. Am working with other support about other issues i am having with KTS. But this is a start. Appreciate it. I see u r CAD - i am in bc. cheers.
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