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  1. I have tried to download the latest antivirus data, but it always results in the message "Not all components Were Updated". When I reviewed the content of the folders Autopatches, Bases and Index, their combined content is only 59Mb. I am using Kaspersky Updater version and downloading for Workstation, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows (for Workstations) 10.[1.0.867,2.1.23] I reviewed the report after unsuccessfully downloading, I found the following discrepancies: [30/01/2018 12:13:53 PM] Task started event [30/01/2018 1:56:59 PM] Connecting to host '' [30/01/2018 1:57:37 PM] Download file started 'bases/av/kdb/x64/ksv/kimul.z' [30/01/2018 1:57:37 PM] Connecting to host '' [30/01/2018 1:57:38 PM] Connecting to host '' [30/01/2018 1:57:39 PM] File downloaded 'bases/av/kdb/x64/ksv/kimul.z' [30/01/2018 1:57:39 PM] Invalid file signature 'http://dnl-04.geo.kaspersky.com/bases/av/kdb/x64/ksv/kimul.z' [30/01/2018 1:58:25 PM] Connecting to host '' [30/01/2018 1:59:03 PM] Download file started 'bases/av/kdb/x64/ksv/kimul.z' [30/01/2018 1:59:03 PM] Connecting to host '' [30/01/2018 1:59:04 PM] Connecting to host '' [30/01/2018 1:59:04 PM] File downloaded 'bases/av/kdb/x64/ksv/kimul.z' [30/01/2018 1:59:04 PM] Invalid file signature 'http://dnl-04.geo.kaspersky.com/bases/av/kdb/x64/ksv/kimul.z' [30/01/2018 1:59:04 PM] Component is not retranslated 'KLAVA' Is this problem with the kimul.z file preventing me from successfully downloading all the antivirus components? Is Kaspersky aware of this problem?
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