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  1. Hallo, wie sieht es mit der MAC Version aus? Stephan
  2. stephan1827

    Beta for Mac

    Hi, is there no beta testing for MACs. Looked everywhere but seems to be Windows only. Stephan
  3. stephan1827

    Websites blocked on Chrome 70

    I did more research and I now believe that this really is an issue with Chrome and not Kaspersky. I download Chrome version 72 and that works fine but unfortunately I cant get the Kaspersky Password Manager to work in that. The extension is installed and enabled but it still asks me to download and activate it. I guess I just wait until Google fixes Chrome 71. Stephan
  4. stephan1827

    Websites blocked on Chrome 70

    Maybe this is more an issue of the Chrom plugin, Safari seems to work fine. Stephan
  5. stephan1827

    Websites blocked on Chrome 70

    Here you go...not really much to see...
  6. I have the problem that a few websites are blocked on Chrome 70. Disabling KIS solves the problem. There are talks that version KIS on Windows fixes the problem but that version is not available on Mac, nor is any beta version. Is there any fix for Macs yet. One website in question is www.engadget.com I am using Mojave with KIS thx Stephan
  7. stephan1827

    Report feedback

    Please delete this post
  8. stephan1827

    Report feedback

    Here are a few things I have found so far. Bugs When you have the main app open in Windows and then try to create a feedback with the Chrome plugin the window to enter feedback information does not open Since I use the BETA version on Windows the Android app tells me that there is a newer version and that I should update. When it goes to the store it only shows the version that is installed. How do I get the beta for android? Feature requests Windows main app It would be nice to have an option to have KPM automatically stay signed in even if logout. I know this may sound insecure but I have a PC at home that nobody has access to so unless somebody steals it there is no way to get to it. Since I use Kaspersky for multiple users and devices it would be nice to be able to create more than one account so that every user can have its own password vault. Feature requests for Chrome plugin When you select web site in the Chrome plugin you always have to click on the small symbol on the right to either open a folder or start the web page. It would be nicer to just click anywhere on the label to trigger the action. It would be nice if the Chrome plugin would automatically show the entry that belongs to the web site that is currently open. It would be nice to be able to start editing from the Chrome plugin entry. Feature requests Android Since most phones have fingerprint sensors it would be great to use that to open KPM Auto fill does not seem to work on Android neither on apps or chrome browser. Is that supposed to work or can I just access my passwords? Stephan
  9. Hi, I really like the new KPM 9 and was wondering should I provide feedback in this forum or via the feedback button of the app? Stephan
  10. Hi, I really like the new KPM 9 and was wondering should I provide feedback in this forum or via the feedback button of the app? Stephan

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