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  1. After my last post somebody from support reached out to me and we went back and forth on this issue. This is the last email I received While I do not agree with the outcome I have to give the support credit for taking this issue seriously and being patient. Stephan
  2. So I created a feature request but the support agent did not seem to be interested in solving the problem. Standard suggestions like reinstalling the app were given that did not provide a solution since it is not a bug it is a function that is simply missing. The support agent had no basic knowledge of the software and was providing answers that sounded like he is reading the manual. After my last response he just closed the ticket without replying. Stephan
  3. I created a feature request. Still seems odd that I am the first one that tries to share an Android device between parents and kids.
  4. I am using and still have this issue. Safari blocks the web sites fine.
  5. When I want to change stuff on an Android device it asks me for my Kaspersky Password. This is really annoying because I use a fairly complicated Password for my Kaspersky main login that I autofill with a Password app. It would be much better to define a parent code that is shorter and can be changed easily. Stephan
  6. I have a tablet that I want to share with my kids. How can I switch between the parents and kids account. Seems like I have to decide after install if the kids are using it or me. Is there any solution? Stephan
  7. Hi, is there no beta testing for MACs. Looked everywhere but seems to be Windows only. Stephan
  8. I did more research and I now believe that this really is an issue with Chrome and not Kaspersky. I download Chrome version 72 and that works fine but unfortunately I cant get the Kaspersky Password Manager to work in that. The extension is installed and enabled but it still asks me to download and activate it. I guess I just wait until Google fixes Chrome 71. Stephan
  9. Maybe this is more an issue of the Chrom plugin, Safari seems to work fine. Stephan
  10. I have the problem that a few websites are blocked on Chrome 70. Disabling KIS solves the problem. There are talks that version KIS on Windows fixes the problem but that version is not available on Mac, nor is any beta version. Is there any fix for Macs yet. One website in question is www.engadget.com I am using Mojave with KIS thx Stephan
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