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  1. I am a paid user and Kaspersky Tech takes an average of 14 days to reply to an initial response, Then they ask for files that I had already submitted initially and then wait 14 days for a response then ask for a screenshot which I give them and then 14 days go by and then they lost the files and I need to resubmit and then another 14 days. Well I had in excess of 80 days of that. Then they told me they would let me know when release (c) was out and it had been out for two weeks prior. I doubt tech could give you the time of day without screwing that up. Just my experience though. With that said though I do understand why no tech support on the FREE version but I would think a trial version would be different as you are trying to get someone to purchase your product. if they elect to refuse support on either then maybe they should release a version that is not so buggy as a trial.
  2. Then why offer something that doesn't work correctly? Not a fan of Kaspersky deciding what has access to what or can connect to what. So is your canned response to everyone that has issues is to disable that feature? People has SSL issues uncheck the box, Even though KTS will tell you that is a security risk. Interactive mode does not work correctly, Use default, For that matter why not have zero user settings? Instead of suggesting that end users disable or use different settings why don't you write Kaspersky a letter recommending they release a product that is not so buggy? If KTS2018 doesn't have the issues and KTS2019 does chances are it is KTS2019 that is the issue.
  3. I have to wonder why the end user has to fight to get Kaspersky Tech to acknowledge or even look at the files submitted and/or read what the end user submitted the incident for. Finally after this last battle here is what they sent.
  4. Scan using the virus online tool from Kaspersky, Located Here Submit the file to Kaspersky or a False positive report to them as well.
  5. What version are you running? Did you exclude the folder(s) where the applications reside?
  6. Going to mention this here as I don't see anyplace for it, Kavremover screwed up my ability to backup my system using Aomei Backupper or OneKey backup program. No programs were removed except KIS2019 and used Kavremover to make sure all was clean for the install of KTS2018(k). On reboot neither program could back up my system.
  7. I used to have BitDefender and left them when they introduced BD2018 I think it was as they went the direction Kaspersky is going and that seems to be to remove all control away from the end user. Not a fan of having someone else making my decisions for me. Anyway as long as you don't use Interactive mode on either KIS 2019 or KTS 2019 then all should be well. One thing that really bothers me is regardless of mode you use there are some items that have no details or way of knowing what program is accessing the internet as shown in that last image where all you see is the greater then arrow.
  8. Ok ran KIS 2019(c) as 30 day trial and same issue in Interactive Mode as KTS 2019(c).
  9. Well found the answer to whether you can install KIS off a KTS activation code, Nope!! I have no plans on purchasing KIS 2019 when I have another 680 days of this KTS 2019 crap just to test a theory. Sorry bud as I know where you were headed with that and I do appreciate the thought.
  10. Yes I have submitted this particular issue only to be told to reinstall when I had already done that a few times with no luck. Even mentioned that in my incident submission. I agree 100% with arriving at our own solutions, It is pretty bad when the end user has to tell Klab Tech's what to do to provide a temp fix to the issue. Anyway I have not tried KIS 2019 yet as I figured I paid for KTS 2019 and should be able to use all the features without issue. I don't even know if you can use the same activation code for both KIS and KTS. I already ran out of activation's and had to get them to reset it. I definitely don't use any of the features that KTS has above KIS but when I purchased it the Password Manager sparked my interest but didn't work as well as I would have hoped so went to a separate password manager. I may try KIS 2019 but I would think they use the same core so it would react the same as KTS 2019 but that assumption may be incorrect.
  11. Returned to 2018 as well as I use mine in Interactive mode and 2019 has issues with interactive mode.
  12. If anyone else uses KTS2019 in interactive mode besides myself then you may find the response from Kaspersky Tech interesting, Notice that they say it will only be partially fixed in KTS2020 and KTS2019 was just released. So that means we have a long wait until we can use the software with full functionality. Also there are missing details in Application manager for the Private Internet Access program which is what I initially submitted the ticket for and sent all the necessary files and explained to them that I had uninstalled and reinstalled over 12 times yet the same results, Their response is as follows, Kaspersky Tech does NOT listen or read what you submit in a ticket, I am attaching the image they are referring to so you can see what is missing in the application manager. While KTS2018 performed flawlessly, KTS2019 is very buggy,
  13. I have never used Safe Kids so I would refer you to Here . Sounds like the kids accounts are not setup properly.
  14. Log into My Kaspersky and it may be an additional download, No kids here so I have never looked for it. EDIT: Yep it is an additional download from My Kaspersky.
  15. Looks them same to me between the two. I only see Parental control and I have KTS2019. KIS2019 doesn't seem to have Password manager or the file protection feature but it looks like KIS has all the Kid protection that KTS has. KIS2019 Parental Protection
  16. I am not 100% positive if you keep the trial or not, I know when you uninstall Kaspersky it will ask you if you want to keep the licensing info on the system. According to FileHippo the following link is a commercial trial version of KIS2018 <del> Oh I never had issues with either VPN or SSL using 2018.
  17. Yes both are from Kaspersky servers. Another link that is from Kaspersky servers http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/homeuser/ Just pick your product from the drop downs. They used to have it where you could rummage through it and find different versions but they removed that capability. The link I posted on this post takes you to the same location as Cyberian75's link.
  18. Not that I know of, Even the ability to edit is removed after the post has been up for x amount of time.
  19. No worries and good luck with KTS2019. If you run into more issues you can always revert to KTS2018 which operated very smoothly.
  20. Settings > Protection > Application Control > Manage Applications > Right Click on trusted at the top and Select Add application to group and navigate to the .exe you want to add. I have found that KTS2019 is putting programs wherever it sees fit in the manage applications section so it may be in there somewhere. Notice in my attached image that alot of programs are not where they are supposed to be and that was after I reset the config file and rebooted.
  21. Assuming you are in the U.S. and want English as your language, KIS2018 English U.S. Installer Download
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