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  1. Kaspersky KES 10 Firewall not blocking

    Hi, via telnet and with nmap from wan to this pc.. same results.. ports open.. What have I to check? thanks Albert
  2. Kaspersky KES 10 Firewall not blocking

    see rule checked, for example RDP block. Thanks Alberto
  3. Kaspersky KES 10 Firewall not blocking

    I mean RDP open on WAN.. I want to close this port and others port open. Our LTE card release public ip to pc network card and I'd like to close these ports for inbound traffic. Could you check attached images? Have I to check some other parameters into policy? Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm testing Kaspersky Firewall for pc with 4G connection through LTE card but it doesn't work.. firewall is active and running but ports remain open. We added 3389, 445 and other ports under general protection settings and enabled firewall to block in inbound traffic TCP and UDP for some ports. See attached images with rules activated. First allow rule is active to permite all traffic from trusted network, others block rules act as block of tcp and udp ports. KSC version: 10.4.343 KES version: 10SP2 10.4.343 Net Ag version: Could you help me please? Thanks Albert

    360 removed correctly, there was a reg key to remove before installing. Many thanks A

    It doesn't happen nothing, my standalone package (agent+KES) doesn't start. I think I've to create a new setup as indicated into this kaspersky support link, is it true? https://support.kaspersky.com/10539#block4

    I'll check tomorrow, I'll send you a feedback. Thanks Regards

    see wetransfer link below: https://we.tl/4jEPlpT64j

    Hello, I've a problem to uploading GSI zip file (3,4MB). How can I do? Thanks Albert
  10. Hello, I've an issue with a computer, I can't install KES bec 360 antivirus detected on a pc (see image below). But, on this pc there is no 360 antivirus. I tried to check on windows registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>WOW6432NODE but I don't see any 360 folder, also by a general check, there is no 360 folder on windows registry. How can I solve it and install KAspersky? Thanks Regards
  11. Kaspersky KSC 10 Windows Update task

    ok, now it works Thanks
  12. Kaspersky KSC 10 Windows Update task

    Hi, I want to create a task about installation of critical windows update for selected computers? so, first I run a task find vulnerabilities for all pc, in a second time I want to create a task to install windiws critical update (not by vulnerabilities but by windows update) just to two computers (like a selection). is it possible? thanks
  13. Kaspersky KSC 10 Windows Update task

    Hi, ok but find vulnerabilities task or installation task? could you please give me some image/print screen? thanks Albert
  14. Hello, I need to create a task to update a two computer, just for test. How can I do it? I ask this because I've created a task with find vulnerabilities task (for a computers group) but I don't know if is it possible fix vulnerabilities just for two computer and not for all of this group. This because into software vulnerabilities tab I can see all vulnerabilities for all computer scanned by the task (find vulnerabilities task). I need to make the installation by computers choice and not by vulnerabilities choice. Please, could you say me how can I do it? Thanks Albert
  15. Kaspersky Web Console KSC 10

    ok thanks, is it possible to limit an user to only move computers from a group to another group without have any other possibility into KSC? thanks