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  1. Hello. This forum branch is dedicated to support Kaspersky protection products. We do not participate in a link reputation analysis, nor able to influence such process. You may check your site at https://virusdesk.kaspersky.com/
  2. Evgeny_E

    Anti-pishing or anti-spam in outlook

    Hello. We have anti-phishing and anti-spam modules in different products. You may filter such messages in an endpoit protection solution, or if you have a mailserver on premices you can use one of our mailserver protection products. Bear in mind that current Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows 11 has a limitation when it is working with Outlook, as only 32 bit client is currently supported by mail plugin.
  3. Evgeny_E

    ksc10sp3 roaming profile issue

    Could you please provide KES policy and a GSI report from affected workstation.
  4. Evgeny_E

    block extension in kes11

    Could you please specify at which step, from the link above, you are having troubles configuring a system ?
  5. Evgeny_E

    blocking mail

    Please wait for support technician to reply, it is important to have a consistent approach in each case. Support team are usually working in a 5/2 schedule, so you may get a feedback on Monday.
  6. Вам нужно разобраться с разрешением имен в вашей сети, это не проблема настройки или функционирования KSC. К сожалению мы не сможем вам в этом помочь, поскольку не оказываем поддержку стороннему программному обеспечению.
  7. Evgeny_E


    Hello. Could you please specify your question with more details ? Where does this sentence came from ?
  8. Evgeny_E

    blocking mail

    Hello. You was provided with private patch for Kaspersky Endpoint Security by support representative, have you tried to use it ?
  9. Hello. What exactly are you talking about ? Please describe your issue in more details. What software versions are you using ?
  10. Evgeny_E

    block extension in kes11

    Hello. There is several ways to block access to files, you can also use Host Intrusion Prevention file access settings. There is no rules based on file extensions for Web Control in KES 11, however you can define types of data to being blocked.
  11. Evgeny_E

    FDE issue in kes11

    Hello. Could you please provide: Users modification task export, KES policy and GSI report from affected workstation.
  12. Добрый день. Пришлите, пожалуйста, GSI отчет с проблемного сервера, включите сбор событий Windows при формировании отчета. Используйте последнюю доступную утилиту https://www.getsysteminfo.com Проверьте выполняется ли разрешение имени утилитой nslookup: nslookup kscenter
  13. Добрый день. Такая возможность не предусмотрена. Инструкция по установке и настройке продукта доступна по ссылке : https://forum.kaspersky.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=386304
  14. Evgeny_E

    Active policy profiles - empty

    Hello. Please provide GSI report from affected workstation.
  15. Evgeny_E

    vulnerability report

    Hello. You can use built-in Vulnerabilities report

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