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  1. Problem resolved. I have set 'Local Services (UDP) Inbound to 'according to application', and the time does update without error. I will leave it at that setting. I honestly don't know how that setting got altered from it's default. I sure don't remember altering it. Thanks. I consider the problem to be resolved. Thanks for you patience.
  2. Update: I have got it to work. There seems to be a default rule in the Packet Rules section to BLOCK 'Local Services (UDP) Inbound. I have now modified the rule to say ALLOW. I can now update my time server without any errors. FYI the port in question is: 123 May I ask that by altering the rule from Block to Allow, have I compromised my system security?
  3. Nothing modified in Application Control, in fact I wouldn't know how too! Seems like it's 'poke-and-hope' here as to finding a solution!
  4. I have done what you asked. Completely uninstalled Steganos, rebooted my PC and checked for program 'leftovers'. But still no change... Below is a screen grab of the error...I get the same error regardless of which time server I use. Thanks
  5. OK, hoipefully I have done this right for you: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file=507ada289b8e826d7e78028d5fd6ac25 Thanks
  6. Thank you for the reply. I already tried to enable 'learning mode' as you have suggested, but it still doesn't work. I am trying to use it in Windows 10 'Set Date and Time from the Internet'. I have also noticed that the in-built time servers also fail. But do work if i disable kis firewall.
  7. Hello. I am new to Kaspersky, coming from ESET. The time server I use, uk.pool.ntp.org, seems to be being blocked by KIS firewall. I am unable to connect unless I disable the KIS firewall. Coming form ESET, it was easy to do. I would enter Learning mode, and when a warning popped up for an application etc, I would allow it. I cannot find such a method in KIS. I have read the FAQ and help, and did find something about interactive mode, but I still can't get the 'site' to work. Can you help please?
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