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  1. I am finding that many of my clients are unable to sync with my server. In addition I am unable to perform various tasks on the client machines from the server. What could prevent a client from properly communicating with the Admin server?
  2. I am running 5.0.474 on the server. There is only one server in the network and both the KAV Admin kit and the shares are on the same server. The AdminKit services are running under a domain administrative account account. As such it has complete access to the server and all its shares. The server is running Windows 2003, with SP1. I don't suppose that there is some sort of log file that I might be able to see what is causing the failure? Jeff
  3. I am trying to create an installation package for 5.0225. I downloaded the installation files and have them uncompressed in a fold. When I try to install it in the KAV Admin kit, as a remote install package, it simply fails with an error telling me that it was unable to create the packge. I am given no other information as to why. Is there any know problems with creating a remote install package? I had no trouble creating one for my server install, only the workstation failed. Chief. PS. I am running an evluation copy of the software, I am not sure if that would matter.
  4. I will try copying it from the log. I tried using the name from the viruslist.com website, like was suggested in the Help. However I am still getting the error in the Events. So maybe the log is a little off and that will correct the problem. On the surface this seems like it should be an easy thing to fix, but it just has been a pain to work out.
  5. I am running Windows Workstation 5.0.227 on the clients. I configured the polices to push down to the workstations and have configured it to ignore the specific files that RAdmin uses. I also found where I can configure it to not look for Riskware or it would seem specifically Remote Administrator. However it would seem that I must not be putting in the correct mask, as it is still flagging the program as a virus or problem. What verbiage should I use to tell the program to just ignore RAdmin, but to look for all other "Riskware"? Can I even get that specific?
  6. We recently purchased Kaspersky for our small office. However during deployment, I have noticed that it is detecting the program r_server and the various support files as a virus. This file is used by a program called Remote Administrator (RAdmin), which I use to remotely administer and support the workstations and servers. At this point it seems to be failing to be able to remove it, but is trying to do so. However I want it to completely ignore it, as this is a critical tool for this office. I have tried to exclude it in the workstation policy; however that does not seem to have any impact on the scan engine on the client. What can I do to prevent it from being detected in all scans; memory, real-time, and on-demand on all workstations? Chieftonw
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