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  1. HI , there is an issue in KSC all versions which has not been fixed yet. there is no need to collect logs and prepare it for you. this is a bug in the KSC that should be fixed by Update or... on KSC 10.3.407 Patcha on the general fixes , kaspersky said that this issue is resolved. But unfortunately the issue is still remained. when the KSC is configured as the following configurations , when you refer to the properties of the client on the KSC , then when you refer to tasks , you see that the tasks are grayed out and you cannot stop or start them. This issue happens in two cases: 1- when there is a firewall between the client and the KSC server. when the firewall NATs the IP address e.g. changes the IP from to destination and the source IP address is not in the same range) 2- when the KSC server is on a server with public IP address e.g. ( when it passes a modem router and after that it reaches the client with the ip e.g. ( this issue happens. hope to solve it on the following versions..... if you guys have any explanations , please let us know. Thanx