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  1. Hitman Pro (SOPHOS) könnte dieses Problem möglicherweise lösen. Habe ihn schon einmal erfolgreich eingesetzt.
  2. NordVPN appears to be functioning normally on a Windows 7, 64-bit machine with KTS installed . I used it no later than yesterday. I don't load it with the system and use it as a "fall-back" (so to speak) from time to time. I primarly use Kaspersky Secure Connection (paid) - now version (there were some problems with the previous one). I don't load it with the OS either. Have you gone into NordVPN settings and unchecked some that are on by default? Particularly 'Load with system'? As far as this Kaspersky support message is concerned, I find it somewhat "strange" . We all know that the new tray icon is no longer red/black but blue-ish/green-ish. Kaspersky support personnel usually has first and last names and full company name, address and Id appear on support replies (at least from my experience in my region). Only the automated messages don't bear a specific name. You don't mention your location (of course you don't have to) but it would be interesting to know. You also don't clearly tell us whether you asked for support via myKaspersky or some other means (e-mail?). Also, there's no indication as to how you connect to the Internet. Unfortunatley I have no idea who/what could be the "culprit" - hardware/software-related? *ywchin* states that he uses Windows 8.1 and even by uninstalling Kaspersky and switching to Defender he still has the same problem. I had a hardware compatibility issue several years ago with a USB-stick for mobile access bought from my provider and just couldn't get the d*mn thing to work. I had no other choice but ask my ISPs Tech Support to intervene directly on my machine. It took that "poor" technician quite some time to solve the problem but he finally succeeded (it was clearly OEM-driver-related). BTW: He found the installed Kaspersky product quite aggressive ;D
  3. Same here. Last update yesterday, 17Jul2018, 10:15 am Support under myKaspersky doesn't seem to function either (message with small attachment not leaving) KTS
  4. Old Soul - New Forum Account ;)

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