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  1. Kaspersky Firewall Blocking Applications certain application. (Firefox,Chrome,Spotify). but after Restarting the PC all applications work for sometime. after hour or so some application cant reach internet. not all app at same time. some time firefox dont work but chrome work. some time both browser work but spotify dont. Disabling KIS Firewall. makes all application works. and Also restarting PC also fixes the issue for sometime. Info- KIS Windows 1809, Clean formatted
  2. Yep ,Having same issue with Firefox and Chrome. other internet application works fine. suck as Steam ,IDM etc. Starting when updated window to new version 1809. I clean Formatted the system to install 1809 and after reinstalling KIS imported old setting from cfg file.
  3. Thx, Suppose if I want to block to, what would be the CIDR? According to http://www.ipaddressguide.com/cidr there are many Should I add all?If so then how to add in a single firewall rule, is the any separator character like ;
  4. Which format i should use to block an ip range? Suppose I want to block to, How would I do that?
  5. Never Mind i got it fixed, I was typing comment in the Object section. now it fixed, thx for the help
  6. I did exactly as the screenshot still no luck., here is the video i uploaded
  7. So I have a folder where Game trainer are stored and as you know most antivirus tend to detect some kind of virus with trainers. I recently install KIS, and even after I put that folder in exclusion list.its keeps deleting the file or deletes in execution. Any idea how to stop it from delete. I was a user of norton and there was a ignore button, Is there any ignore this file option in kaspersky?
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