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  1. Hi Guys, Quick questions, how can I manage traveler laptops updates ? Is it possible to set that a Kaspersky update his database through Internet when it doesn't have connection with Administration server ? If yes, how can I set it ? thank you for your answer !
  2. Dear All, Do you know if after KES11 a new security console will come out ? thank you !
  3. Absolutely no, and I have tons of computer from different OU... Servers from different locations and differents OU
  4. Exactly ! but in unassigned devices...
  5. Hi Guys, I have another issue, lot of devices reports that there are unprocessed files, what is the best practice ? the thing is that even if I deleted object from unprocessed files they still are in red, why ? How it's possible that every day I have tons of unprocessed files ? Thank you for your help !
  6. Hi Guys, Quick questions, I created a tasks called "global daily update" who update the database of all laptops, in attachment the setup, I think because some laptops or workstations are not reachable the tasks is waiting indefinitely , is it normal ? thank you for your help !
  7. Hi Guys, I have a problem, I have alot of unassigned devices (essentially servers) without any agent or app installed present under unissagned devices, when I try to delete all of them they re-appear few hours after... I have network poll but not for Servers OU, only for workstations and laptop Any idea ? thank you !
  8. Thanks, what should I do ? should I provide the new certificate to the clients ?
  9. Hi, We would like to know what happen if we change the SSL Certificate, is there any consequence between clients and servers ? Thank you very much
  10. Hi guys, I have a question, what version of kaspersky should we use for our Windows Terminal Server? Our users will use outlook, word, some software on this server and I would like an outlook protection like the one we can find on kaspersky endpoint (Mail antivirus) but it is only compatible with the workstation. What version do you advocate ? Thank you for your reply !
  11. Actually I don't know how to reproduce the issue as it appear randomly
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