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  1. Any suggestions this not my first scan the previous full scan took 6-7 Hrs and I've actually removed some stuff since then I try again later today/tomorrow to see if it makes a difference
  2. currently running a rootkit scan its at 56% with an estimated 41 mins remaining it was at the same percentage 15 mins ago with an estimated 30 mins remaining when i tried to run a full scan earlier it had an estimated 18 DAYS remaining at 1% operating Sytem: Windows 10 Home(64 Bit) I'm running the trail version can I do uninstall and reinstall and continue with the remainder of my trail period
  3. any idea where it would be stored (windows 7 home premium)
  4. how do i uninstall tdss killer note when i search for tdsskiller in the search box after clicking start/menu in the bottom left corner it finds nothing same when i look in 'uninstall a programe'
  5. I play some computer games for which I download files some of which may require a torrent like BitTorrent can I use Internet Security to scan the files and if so how do I do it
  6. Have you upgraded Malwarebytes like I recommended? If not do so link is here https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/20063...-now-available/ If this doesn't work try uninstalling then reinstalling both Malwarebytes and Internet Security (one at a time) Also create an account on the Malwarebytes forum
  7. When i enter full-screen on youtube(haven't yet tried other video sites) the scan I'm running stops (and resumes after) is there anything i can do to stop this so i can watch youtube vids in fullscreen while still running the scan if/when Kaspersky Internet Security(or Total Protection) 2018 comes out can i upgrade for free if i still have time on my licence/s can upgrade for free or will I have to pay either the total cost or an lower 'upgrade fee' p.s why does the kaspersky icon in the 'tray' flash/pulsate between slightly different sizes
  8. I'm currently running Internet security(trial) and want to know how to delete the scan results so it does show up anymore I running Windows 7 Home Premium(64 bit) Second are safe money and secure connection included in KIS or will I have to pay extra?
  9. just looking at the detailed report of the scan i'm running he a picture below 't
  10. update now at 22% about 12 hrs remaining also when i go full screen in youtube the scan stops
  11. try and download the updated version here https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/20063...-now-available/ after this you wan to check this out as well https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/20205...10139-released/
  12. I'm running a full scan currently at 19% with approx 10Hrs remaining is this normal? also the icon in the tray has a warning triangle (yellow triangle with black exclamation mark) I have 1 warning that 2 important update are available( Abode Air & Abode Flash Player 21 Active x) it says no active threats detected could the warning triangle be about the updates? I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit I'll try and update asap
  13. Hello is it possible to install a licence from a third party after the free trail expires?( I known the person for years and trust him) Also can I trail more the one of the option for example trail Internet Security then after it expires trail Total Security?
  14. Has anyone got both Malwarebytes 3 and Kaspersky Internet Security can they confirm they work together without problems
  15. Can anyone confirm that the latest version of KIS still has these features and what(if any) new feature/s it has
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